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Halloween Crafts

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Ok so I am a crafty person! I LOVE making things and showing them off So holidays are lots of fun for me! Anyone else into doing all sorts of fun crafts? If so Share!!!
This is a backdrop I am making for my halloween party! It is 4' X 10'

It is done on a paint drop cloth with spray paint.
And yes those are little drink umbrellas holding it down! Thats all I had!
Oh and its by no means finished, but I have a blister on 2 fingers from the spray paint can! And its dark, and my flashlight doesnt work so well!
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Very spooky! Can we see your costume too?
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Awww thats really cool! I love to do crafts I can totally relate with the blisters from the spray paint
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I will be posting the costume when I get it finished! I am making a witches costume out of duct tape. Its taking a lot longer than I thought it would!
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