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Does Connie have asthma?

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She has been vomiting a lot, but I'm starting to wonder if it's respiratory and not digestive...? I am setting up a vet appointment, regardless, but wondering what, if anything, I need to ask about.

My vet is a cat-only vet, but I need to get Connie's vomiting under control, and I wonder if I was confusing her vomiting with some digestive tract symptoms. She did have a bad URI, but she keeps vomiting, and it sounds like it might be originating from a respiratory disease. Plus, her globulin was slightly elavated, implying inflammation, so maybe she is asthmatic. I am taking her back to the vet, but what would you suggest I ask about?

To be fair, most of her vomiting has been restricted to when Dave is around, so I don't want to assume her vomiting is diet-related, but I am still concerned. Her vet hasn't pointed out anything obvious, so what would you recommend?

I haven't been around for most of it, but when I am around, it sounds like it might be more respiratory than digestive. Should I ask my vet to administer steroids or something so I can determine if it's something like asthma, so I can work with her meds until her symptoms are controlled?
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Is she coughing? I did some research last year when I thought one of my cats might have had asthma. This site has a lot of info and a video of a cat with asthma. http://www.fritzthebrave.com/asthma/symptoms.html
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Holly, my cat, was diagnosed with asthma and has never vomited. I think the vomiting is an unrelated issue. Holly's main symptoms include coughing while laying close to the ground. Plus, her lung x-rays showed some stuff but I don't remember the details.
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I have a cat with asthma. And she went through an episode of vomiting and it turned out her intestines were blocked with stool. She had to have an enema. It was completely unrelated to her asthma.
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Thanks. I have been racking my brain and driving my vet crazy over this vomiting thing - I am cleaning up vomit two or three times a day every single day. Some of the descriptions of asthma symptoms describe it as almost sounding like the cat is trying to get a hairball up and that vomiting can accompany a coughing fit. I also noticed that a lot of the sites I've found about asthma cats mention that the vets thought it was something else for quite a while before asthma was diagnosed, so I'm trying to walk the line between proactive and hypochondriac.

Fritz's website is one of the ones I was reading. The video of his asthma attack was so short that I couldn't tell if it was really like one of Connie's "fits".

When the vet explained her bloodwork to me, she mentioned that the globulin normally indicates inflammation of some sort, so a bunch of random Google searches ("globulin vomiting inflammation", etc.) turned up asthma for me. The vet also said, in a cat her age, if the globulin is elevated, they often start thinking "cancer". So, I would definitely like to determine the source of her vomiting as soon as possible.

When Connie vomits, it is always accompanied by coughing - and she sometimes coughs but doesn't vomit. She doesn't just yack up some food and wander off. I think that's the most disturbing part. I've had cats who vomit their undigested food, and it's much less unpleasant.

Unfortunately, Connie never bothers to do this at the vet's office, so she's just going on what I'm telling her. I'm going to give her another call this morning to try to describe it a little better and see if she suggests any other tests to see what we can find out.

Thanks again all! I don't want to keep bugging you with these things, but I figure, with all of the people on this site, it's more likely that somebody has been through the same thing.
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Asthma can be diagnosed with x-ray.
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Talked to the vet this morning, and Connie is going in for x-rays on Thursday.
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