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Meet Spartakiss

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After Zorro was euthanized, Boo got really depressed. He stopped doing everything. He wouldn't eat and started getting really skinny. He got a little better for a day or two, then went back downhill. I was so worried that I was going to lose him, and I couldn't bear the thought of losing another friend in such a short time.
I know I wasn't ready for another cat, and I didn't even want one, but I thought that it might snap Boo out of his depression and get him to start eating.
A breeder called me the other day saying that she had a flame point himalayan cat that she had rescued from someone and needed to find a home for. She got him two months ago, and he had a serious eye infection. She treated it and found out that he has very small eyes that weep alot and are prone to infections. The woman that used to own him was breeding him! She got him neutered right away, as well as vaccinated and leukemia tested.
He is around 18 months old and is such a sweetheart. I know I said I didn't want another cat, but I've fell in love with him. I have to clean his eyes out twice a day, which keeps me occupied since whenever I don't have anything to do, I start crying because I miss Zorro so much.
As soon as Sparty came into the house, Boo just made a complete turnover. They're best friends now and have already succeeded in knocking over everything in the house.
Here are a few pictures.

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OH! What a beautiful boy. I am so glad that he has helped Boo to get over his depression.
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Awww, that was sweet of you to take this boy in. I'm so happy to hear that Boo is smitten with him as well. He'll give both of you comfort.
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I know that you are still coping over the loss of Zorro, but cats are amazing creatures and enter our lives when we least expect it. They each have their own unique story to tell and can help us heal and grow in ways you would never realize.
I think Spartakiss will be a good companion for boo and even for yourself in time. Do not feel guilty that you took in another loving cat who deserves a home, because Spartakiss can never replace Zorro, but only create a new chapter in your life along with boo's. Zorro will always have a special place in your heart.
Keep us posted about how things are going. I hope that the eye infections will get better where you will not have to constantly monitor it.
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Look how happy Boo looks with his new brother awwwww I hope he brings you both some healing
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Oh he is SUCH a cutie pie! Congrats on your new addition, he looks like such a sweet muffin. I'm so glad Sparty has helped ease yours and Boo's pain. He's such a darling and it's wonderful that you've taken him in.

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He is adorable, I LOVE his name Healing takes a long time and now you have another soft sweet baby to help you through it
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Sparty looks like such a sweet boy. He & Boo look happy together.
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Isn't he gorgeous!! And isn't that just so lovely to know that he's helped Boo
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He is so cute!!
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he is very handsome! poor guy and his little eyes. Glad to see that he and Boo are friends already
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Thank you for the comments. Yes, he is a sweety and I'm really glad that he's helped Boo. He seems so much happier.
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