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Quick Question...

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Ok, sometimes at night, when I'm laying in bed, my cat will jump up on my bed and start meowing nuerotically. Normal, he is antisocial (except around me) and he isn't talkative. This meow is different from his more common one, seeing as it is more loud and choppy. When I leave him alone, after about 20 seconds he hops back of and lays down, and when I pull him in to snuggle, he stays for about 5 minutes like he always does. Could someone please tell me what the point of this is?
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If that's the only time he does it, it may just be for the last bit of attention he can get before you go to sleep. If he's leaving you alone after a few seconds, he's just realizing he isn't getting that attention and going about his business as usual... If it's not disrupting your sleep, it could just be his nightly thing... if you want him to stop, ignoring it nightly or beating him to the punch and giving him cuddles before he cries may stop it altogether.
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I've always considered the short string of meows to be 'talking'. He's just telling you about his day, that he wants something (play, food, or a snuggle), or maybe he just feels chatty at night.

I have a talker, but he mostly likes to argue.
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