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Is she Pregnant?

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Hi, I'm new to the forum but just thought I'd post for some advice!

My cat was out during her season, we didnt think it would be a problem since there are hardly any other houses around for miles, but I woke up to a Tom cat sat patiently on the doorstep whilst she was outside. She came into season on the 30th of August.

Over the weeks I think she has put on weight, but she looks bigger around the ribs and just behind rather than all the way back? She is eating loads and was staying in pretty much constantly for a few weeks up until sunday, since then she has gone out for about 10-12hrs and comes in over night. Thats still less outside than she was doing before her season although maybe thats because its colder?

Like I've mentioned before, she is eating so much and sleeping loads. Shes also much more friendly and content. Her nipples appear like a pink - pale pink but I'm not sure if thats what they go like through pregnancy or if thats normal? Shes a fluffy black cat so I can't see any movements or anything, but I think theres a tiny bump behind her ribcage on one side inside?

Shes really confusing me! It was easier when my other cat gave birth a few years ago, she was a sleek shorthaired

I'm hanging onto hope she is because I lost one of my cats on Monday and it'd be nice for a few arrivals, not to take tillys place but to help us through I guess.

Thankyou for any advice you can give me x
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If she was out with a tomcat, she probably is. They start showing at about six weeks or so, and nipples get pink at three. I'd wait another week or two and see if any progress is up. Make sure you get her spayed after/if she gives birth.
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Yes, please get her spayed as soon as your vet says its ok after she gives birth. Cats usually are pregnant 63-68 days after mating. Confine her to the house and keep her there even after birth.

Cats can get pregnant again right after giving birth.
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Please please don't let her outside at all again until after she has her babies and can be spayed. There is no need to bring more kitties into the world when so many are being killed everyday. Plus who knows what diseases and parasites she picked up from mating with a random tomcat and what she will now be risking passing onto her babies.
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Just to clear things up, she wasn't meant to be out whilst she was in season, she escaped. We were trying to keep her in through it and only allow her out when she wasn't showing anymore signs. We have only just moved to a farm and before she wasn't allowed to go out so her not being spayed was never really issue. She was meant to be spayed when we moved here so she could go out and enjoy the land, she is a very outdoorsey cat. She came into season and escaped before we got chance and I wasn't getting her spayed until we were sure she isn't pregnant.

The kittens if there are any already all have homes. We'll keep two and yes they will be neutered, one will possibly go to my Dads and we have homes waiting for the rest, although if she has too many to find homes for we'll keep them, I wouldn't risk them going somewhere I didn't know how they would be looked after.

I'm very aware of the risks of breeding, and the results of inbreeding etc. on kittens. I would never ever intentionally put any of my cats at risk. My other kittens from a few years ago are all happy, healthy and one is sat on computer desk as i write. I understand that that was a different scenario because they were planned etc. though.
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Sounds like you are gonna be responsible. However, cats still can get pregnant when not in heat - you are lucky she didn't get pregnant before now
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