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Too Cute...

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Tyler (my son) was napping with Bails the other day and I just couldn't pass up the photo op

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Oh my goodness that pic is soooooooooo precious
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Oh bless them, they look like the best of friends
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Oh that is SO precious!!!!!!! I love snap shots like this.
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Oh how funny! They both look just sacked out there!
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All together now: AWWWWWWWW!
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how cute!
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Aww...too cute!
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They definitely look comforatble, that's for sure!!
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Awww, that's an adorable picture!!
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I wish you guys could see them at bedtime... I go in to tuck Ty in. We do the whole sweet dreams sleep tight don't let the bed bugs... etc. At some point during this Bails hears us and comes to Tys door. I hear his claws first... He reaches up the door frame and kind of stretches all out. This is my que to pick him up onto Tylers bed . So I put him up there and we love him and pat him and he sings so loud and pretty for us. When I leave Bails leaves... he just wants to help
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Oh how sweet...Just adorable
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