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2 Jealous Cats

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We have two cats, Zoe & Kittybear....
Zoe is pretty old w/kidney failure, spent all of her time in the bedroom.
Kittybear is 6 yrs old, plays the dominant role, but acts like a 2 year old.

Both of them are jealous of the other, but Kittybear is who I am worried about. They recently somehow had a role reversal.

Now Kittybear is under the couch all the time & constantly picking at herself (scabs on her skin & patches of fur missing). Always growling & hissing.

Zoe is all nice & content sitting on the couch, not worried about a thing.

It appears as though I need to take Kittybear to the vet...she acts like such a child. Even when I am loving on her, she is still growling & hissing...she has always been like this, but recently worse.

Any ideas??? Can someone prescribe some kitty Zoloft??

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A drastic change like that in behavior needs to be checked by a vet asap.

How long has this been going on?
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Her behavior has always been kinda weird. She has good days & bad days, I guess. She definately does not get along with other cats. Around other cats, she hisses & growls a lot & never seems to just get used to the situation. She acts like she's tough, but really she's not.

Right now, she's fine. Being a normal cat sitting next to me on the couch. The last few days, she would spend hours under the couch(did not used to do) or hours on the sink in the bathroom(did not used to do).
I would almost say she is bipolar...

The role reversal thing happened less than a week ago?

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This calls for a vet visit pronto. That drastic of a change in behavior in a short time tells me that she is ill.

It isn't jealousy with them, it is territory disputes. Cats that are ill will lose their territorial spots in the house because they are too sick to defend them.
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