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Tigger is the luckiest cat alive!!

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Last night was the most horrible night I have ever had!!
Tigger my gorgeous maybe a little silly baby hopped into the washing machine and went for a good spin!!
It was about 10pm and it was awful!! My mum reckons he must of gotten in right before she loaded it up ,she didnt see him and he just sat there. - Its a front loader - A little while later my mum couldnt find him and by pure luck she somehow thought to look in the washing machine and there he was she opened the door and saw what she says was the worst sight in her life. She yelled and I came and he looked awful and she didnt even know if he was breathing we were just rubbing him and patting him, he was breathing but not too well and sounded really congested but he kept running away and hiding so we held him by the heater to keep warm and rubbed him. My mum called the vet and he said he would go down to the clinic and we could meet him there so we went. I am absolutley devastated here It felt like it must of been a dream. I know it must seem impossible to put you cat in the washing machine... but it happened to us and we care for our cats as much as anyone ever could so be careful!

So we get in and Tiggy climbs onto the table and the vet checks him out and said he has a pretty good lung capacity for what just happened and his eyes look ok aswell, but he better keep him in for the night and give him some anti inflammatorys for his lungs but he is pretty sure he can save him. He says its amazing that he even survived it!
Oh and I will just add- Tiggy was so cute he came up to me and let me give him one last kiss it was soo good of him

So today at 9am we call and he says Tiggy is breathing really well and is going to be fine apart from that he seems to have an unrelated case of conjunctivitus sp? in one of his eyes so he needs to have some anti biotics and we can pick him up at around 3.

I am soo thrilled he will probably be fine! I couldnt eat or sleep or do anything apart from cry cry cry last night and had horrible thoughts going through my mind. Georgi has been looking around for him all morning my poor girl.

I would really appreciate some prayers and well wishes for him right now. He must be traumatized poor little guy and also that his conjunctivitus heals up. Oh and that the cost wont be too bad
One thing I can say is that he must be the cleanest kitty in all the country right now!!
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Ahhh Bless his heart! Lots and lots of get well vibes for Tigger!
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Oh my gosh! What an ordeal for the little guy!! I'm SO glad he's OK - what a miracle. And a good reminder for all of us to be sure to CHECK our appliances before we close them and start them.

to Tigger for a full recovery.
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Oh I'm so glad he's ok! What a miracle!
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I'm so sorry for what happened!! I'm glad Tigger is doing well. My cat Tiger likes to sleep in the dryer so I always have to be really careful. I couldn't imagine what you went through!!
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thanks for the well wishes, 3 hours till I can see my babe I just hope that there arent any complications or anything, i have the phone right beside me incase the vet calls. georgis temperment has changed already a little bit even though she loooves tigger i think she would prefer being an only cat,if that makes sense well at least she gets a 1 day 1 night holiday and tigger will be spoiled beyond belief when he gets home as you can imagine.
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Oh my goodness that's awful! Thank God he's ok! For Tigger.
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Thank goodness Tiger is ok! how terrifying, lots of get well wishes for the little guy
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Please keep us updated! And give him lots of hugs and kisses from us!!
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Oh my gosh! Thank goodness your mom got him out in time!
Best of wishes for a speedy recovery and no more curious adventures like that!
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Sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that Tigger makes a speedy and complete recovery oh, and that the rest of the family can recover from the shock, fright and vet bill, too
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He is home!!! He is quite sleepy and just got of the box. His eye looks sore and he is just going to eat , he has some anti-biotics and is purring. I am soooo happpy. My mum said he had a nice sheepskin in his cage and seemed really relaxed but he was definitley pleased to see her.
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Oh my god, that poor kitty! I live in absolute terror of something like that happening, I can't imagine how you must have felt. Thank goodness you have such a great vet. Many, many hugs for your poor (but spectacularly clean) Tigger!
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Ill say he does smell AMAZING!!
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Oh how scary!!!!! Thank goodness he is ok!!! Praying he stays that way.
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Oh how awful! I had a friend who accidently lost her cat in the dryer: to this day, I ALWAYS double-check my washer & dryer before running them! I had to teach my s/o to do the same, when we moved in together!

I'm so glad to hear your little guy will be all right! What a horrible experience for him!

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OMG!! Poor baby. I am glad that you guys found him when you did! That must have been so horrible to see. I'm so glad that he is ok.

I have heard of this happening so I always make sure I recheck the washer and dryer before closing them now.
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Oh he is SO lucky!! Silly Tiggy - it was a good hiding place. Not a smart place. But a good place. And he's got to be the cleanest kitty alive - inside AND out!! I'm so glad that he is alright, it must have been terrifying!!
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A little update - Tigger is doing really well, The vet said he will probably still have a few coughs every now and then but we havent heard any. His eyes looked really sore last night so we dont think it was conjunctivitus but just stingy from the soap but after a good nights sleep he is up this morning, eating bugs,stealing makeup brushes AND you know where my mum found him this morning ? In the washing machine!!! I couldnt believe it we will have to keep the door shut at all times and make sure to check aswell. Pretty much everyone in the family is able to talk about it ,, apart from me I had to walk out of the room when my grandmother came round to see him and everyone decided to discuss the details. Of course its only been 1 day so give it time give it time..
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Bless his furry little self... I'm so glad he seems to be doing okay! Sending more snuggles for Tigger...
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That's just unbelievable that he'd go back into the washing machine after a horrifying experience like that! Bless his little heart!

I'm glad to hear that he's doing okay, and that he apparently isn't going to suffer any anxiety from the experience.

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