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Poll - Favorite Color Cat?

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Ok along the same lines but no "breeds" - just by color

Under Tabby or Tabby/White this will include Classic (bullseye) pattern, Mackeral, or Ticked (aby) or the Patched Tabby

You can vote for more then one
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I tried to choose but ended up voting for all of the colors.
That just how I feel...
all cats and all colors are beautiful.
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Too funny
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Black cats are my favorite color kitties.
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Guess I should add mine
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It's hard to pick, because I love all kitties! But I have a soft spot in my heart for black and white kitties, so I voted for Bicolor.
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Blue cats have always been my favorite (I have 2), but more recently I have learned to love white with tabby spots (I have 2 of those too). The truth is I think they are all beautiful, but I have to admit when a grey one comes into the shelter it's hard for me not to fall in love.
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I had to vote for them all too! LOL! I cant pick! And I've had every color but spotted! And I plan on getting a bengal kitty eventually!
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I really love all colors, but I will definitely admit my draw to black cats, black and whites, and calicos and torties, especially dilute calicos and torties. Guess that's why I have two black cats, a black and white, and a dilute calico.
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Solid Black FTW
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
You can vote for more then one
well, i didn't realize that so i only voted for one, solid - because blue cats are my very favorite.
but i also like spotted tabbies & pointed cats!
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So hard to decided on just one!!
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I can't pick! Sorry voted for all of them as well. It is a cat's personality I am drawn too not the color.
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I havent got a favourite colour or breed because their all gorgeous in my eyes
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I have a few favs.
Love pointed cats, and solid black and solid white, never had a white cat.
I love red tabbies (never had one) and calicos (also never had one).
I like torties, and aside from the red ones, I prefer my tabbies to be bicolor.
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I am a grey cat lover all the way. All of my cats have either been solid grey or a bi-color grey/white...

I do think one of the prettiest cats I ever seen though was my sisters cat Homer who unfortunately is no longer with us. He was totally black with a orange chest blaze and orange eyebrows...he was a very interesting looking kitty.
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A silver tabby or silver tabby/white is my favorite color cat.
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Classic tabbies - probably since Tiger is a "classic" tabby and Miagi is, too. Bengal spotted ones because they are beautiful. I also love diluted calicos and orange kitties, too and black kitties because they are so shiny and the last ones to be adopted out of shelters and rescues.
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Tortie - naturally
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