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Dear Fellow Kitties, Love, Butzie

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Dear Fellow Kitties,

My pet, who seems to use my name a lot, usually wakes up around 3 am to go to the bathroom and then we have some quality time together.

Well, last night she was sound asleep so I just had to wake her up with meows and kitty kisses at 3:06 am. She petted me and then went to the bathroom. I monitored the flushing, and it seemed it needed some perfection, so I meowed for her to do it again, which she did.

We had some loving back in bed and then I did what all cats do - I feel asleep. Don't think my pet did, though.

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Dear Butzie,

My pet wakes in the night too, but she seems to close the door really quick so I can't get in. She leaves us all in the hallway. I wish my pet would give me attention at 3am .
I wish I could fall asleep on her big warm bed, but no. Why do they get such a big bed and we have such small ones? I guess its because they are just aversized balding mongrols.

By for now, I'll write again soon.

Love Ziggy

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Dear Butzie

I only like getting attention from my mummy - other people I'm not always relaxed around.

I prefer sleeping in the sitting room but Mummy moves me to the kitchen and shuts me in, despite the fact last night I figured out how to open the door, but someone had shut the sitting room door so I had to go back in the kitchen.

Why do my pets shut the door to the sitting room so I can't get back in there at night?

From Beauty.
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Aw, poor kitties being shut out like that. I would probably cry all night.

At bedtime I sit on meowmy's pillow and purr at her for a little bit of time and let her rub my chin. Then I crawl down beside her, put my head on her pillow facing her so I can lick her nose and eyelids. Then I lick her neck, put my arms by her neck and we go to sleep. If she snores or makes too much noise I turn around with my back to her, stretch out beside her and she covers me up to my front arm pits. Sometimes she gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but she is always careful to climb over me without disturbing me when she comes back to the nice big bed. She sleeps in the middle and purrpa and I sleep on either side of her. She says she doesn't sleep well unless we are in bed with her.
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Our mommy doesn't allow us in the bedroom. She said "no kitties in the bedroom!". Then she starts fostering and those kitties get to stay in the bedroom. What mommy doesn't know is that we were watching when she played the Wake Up Kitty video and one of these days we're gonna learn how to use the doorknob...... Bwahahahahahaha
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My mommy started locking me up at night, because I love to go to each room in the house , I wake up all three kids, then they wake up Mommy. I wait until they get back to sleep, then I sneak in a wake them up again, sometime 5 or 6 times a night. I don't know why, they don't stay up all night and play with me. why don't they like their noses bit, and faces washed?
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My meowmy doesn't mind if I sleep next to her, although I'm not too sure whether she actually goes back to sleep after I come up onto her bed and start licking her face, lying on her face and purring in her ears.

Ah well, at least she feeds me! That's the important thing.

Mitzi x
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