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YUCK! Tiki's got worms! Needing some help...again!!

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Ok..heres the scoop.
I took Tiki in to get groomed today (a first for her and a first for me too!). I dropped her off at 8 this morning and told them my Mom would pick her up around 2. Mom called me in a panic at 2:30. Apparently while she was getting a bath, they noticed that she had worms. I had no idea that this cat had worms...but I really don't know the signs of worms either. They gave Mom some info on different kinds of worms and how they can get it, but they believe that it is tapeworms. They gave her some med's at the office and told Mom to not freak out if she sees little white worms in Tiki's poop. That is all that they told her...
So...How in the world did Tiki get these? The brochure said that they can get them from fleas (she is flea free), from exposure to other cats (mainly outside cats..but she and the other two are strictly indoors), rodents (no rodents here!), and rabbits (none of those either). I think that she may have had these before I got her (I got her in August). Are my other cats at risk? Could they have it now? If so, what do I look for? What do I do now with Tiki? Is there anything I'm supposed to do or look for besides the worms in the poop? Do I need to de-worm my house? I've never had a cat (or any animal) have worms. It actually is grossing me out! I'm sure that someone has had this experience before...any advice? Sorry that I'm asking so many questions...I'm at a loss at what to do now?
Just when I thought my cats were finally healthy...this happens! Jeez, what's next?!
Thanks Guys!
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Sorry Michelle, but she has to have fleas, even if you don't see them.

Tapeworms are gross, because of how they appear when we first notice them, though to me roundworms win the gross category.

Treat Tikki with Frontline Top Spot, keep her groomed well, clean out her litter box daily, scrub it as well. The worms do not live out of the host animal for more than just a few minutes.

A tip to keep your litterbox easier to clean, is once you scrub it, and dry it, spray it down with PAM Cooking Spray, then dump the litter on top of the pam. Clean up is really easy after that.

Welcome to cat ownership......
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Hissy to the rescue again!
Thanks for the quick reply...I feel so stupid at times (especially the past couple of weeks!). It seems like everything with my cats is falling apart! I swear...I'm a good cat owner...lately I've been feeling guilty that I've neglected them in some way and that is why they're having these problems. I give them the best care that I possibly could...I'm starting to feel like I'm a failure as a Kitty Mommy! Sorry...had to get that off my chest!

As for the fleas, I was giving the 3 cats Frontline earlier this year and was told that I didn't need to give it to them all year long. The downfall to that stuff is the cost...I think it's $30 for 6 applications. Any suggestions where I could buy this cheaper? I'll check out the net and see what I find on there. Either way, it's a must and I'll do it because they need it!
As for the litter boxes, I scoop daily and I scrub them weekly. Do I need to scrub them daily? Thanks for the Pam trick...I'll have to try that one!
So, what do I do about the other cats? When I took Echo in last week nothing was said about her having worms. Should I have the others tested for this? What are the signs of cats having worms? All of their poops look normal and healthy looking. I don't see anything hanging out of their bums or anything either. The Vet didn't tell Mom what to look for in the others...I'm worried that they may have gotten them too.

Thanks MA!
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EeeeKKKKKKkkkkkkk poor Tiki!!! And just before Valentines!!:tounge2: Don't worry Shell!!! She'll be right mate!!! Hope it clears up soon!!!
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As they are intestinal worms they stick to the kitty's insides until they pass through the system and become noticed. They are hard to detect I would worm all your cats as a precaution especially if they use the same litter box- hopefully you have more than one box. I would flea treat all of them as well and also flea-bomb your home.

There is a product called Flea-Breeze you can spray on bedding, carpet and couches that works great.
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