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How much should he eat?

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Riley is 10 months and 10 pounds. (He has gained a pound a month since I got him, but hopefully he won't do it forever! )

He has been getting a 3.2 oz can per day (half for breakfast, half at night) and is free-fed dry. I really don't know how much dry he eats, but have noticed that lately he is eating a lot more dry. Should I switch to the 5oz cans so that he will be eating more wet and less dry each day?
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Sounds like a nice weight at his age. As long as he is maintaining that and not losing any weight or getting fat, you are feeding him right

Charlie gets about 1/2 can (5.5 oz) of canned and about 1/3 cup of dry per day - he's a solid 10 lbs.
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He seems to be eating fine/// you can try uping the canned but likely hell eat the same dry
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Ok, well maybe I will get the "big boy" cans next time just because they are cheaper per ounce. If he doesn't seem to need the whole can, I will just hold the extra until the next day.

I don't measure his dry because my foster eats it also and she won't eat any wet, so its free-fed. I don't know who eats how much of it, just seems like I've seen Riley at the bowl more often lately.

He is not fat at all, he's very tall and long, so I'll just keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't start getting chubby
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Ok if his body is tall and long, you might want to increase his canned food - maybe even add some boilded chicken too. My first cat was a tall, long bodied cat and he weighed 14 solid pounds
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Lucy eats raw, but Connie eats dry. I still don't free-feed either one of them. Connie eats enough dry in the designated mealtimes to maintain a good weight. You can feed dry without free-feeding it. If you're trying to track their intake, it's okay to pick up the food after each mealtime. The dry-food cat will adjust.
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I'm going to get the bigger cans and see how he does with it. He isn't skinny, but he is very long and lean and I don't think it would hurt him to fill out a bit more.

As for picking up the dry food after mealtimes... problem is the foster cat only eats when nobody is watching, like when we're at work, or in bed. She is very skittish.
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Well, at 10 months he isn't full size anyway--he's kind of like a teenager having a growth spurt; he'll be skinny for a while 'til his weight catches up to his length. Tiny's like that right now--long and lean and eating like a horse! He's 10 months and 10 pounds, too, just like your cat. I feed him dry (he won't eat wet), 3/4 cup a day (or a little more, because he usually finishes off Baby's food once she's done with it--Baby's smaller than he is, and eats less).
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