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Question of the Day - October 17th

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When is the last time you've ridden a bicycle?

I honestly cannot remember!
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Ooo we like this question! We love bike riding! We bought some new bikes earlier this year & always use them We like to stay active...We have lots of trails we go on around here, its exciting!
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I think it was sometime in high school....some 30 years ago.
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About 2 wks ago-- i love mountain bike riding
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A few weeks ago. Last year we went to an auction and John bought be a bike from the 1950s. It needs tires, so I can't ride it very much until we put tires on it.
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I can't remember when the last time was.
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I think just this summer when I was back home
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Pfftttt take me back to my childhood years ago!
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It been a while.. since I was about 12 or 13.
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ohhh back in the dark ages!
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I never learned how to ride a bike
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Ummm...4 or 5 years ago? I bought one, went on a dirt trail, went the wrong way on a ditch and bent the wheel. Then a year later when I moved into my new apartment with B it got stolen.
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Last summer with my niece and nephew

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Last weekend, I went to buy some tortillas!...
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I actually ride my bike often, for exercise. The last time I road just for fun would have been a few months ago.
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this summer
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Oh wow, I can't even remember.. probably when I was a freshman in HS so 7 or so years ago!!
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Maybe 16 years ago?
You know that saying "It's like riding a bicycle"? I don't think it's true. I'm quite certain that if I tried to ride a bike today I would die almost instantly.
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Jeez...I guess last year? I used to ride ALOT...but ever since I got my car...not so much!

I need to start riding again!
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Oh gosh! My bike was stolen quite a while ago. I think when I was about 18 or 19. So probably a few years before then....so 8-10 years ago or so.
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Hmmm...Something like 25 years ago, I guess -- given when I bought my last bike (1980), and the fact that it had not been used for several years when I moved from that place (1985), nor was it again -- though it did move with me two more times and hang in the garage for a few years before I sold it. I could pave the road to hell several times with all the good intentions I had.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
I could pave the road to hell several times with all the good intentions I had.
You and me both
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Two days ago. I love bike riding!
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I'd have to say about 3 years ago, I was selling my bicycle and I rode it to the person's house to which I sold it
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I've never ridden a bike, I never learned how.
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I rode one about a month ago. I was terrified though because I had a bad accident on a bike like 10 years ago. I was riding down a hill to go to school and my foot slipped off the pedal and got caught in the wheel and I went flying forward with my foot still stuck in the wheel. I had to go to physiotherapy for about 8 months for it. The last couple years, that ankle has been really bad and no doctor can figure out why. I have had it x-rayed like 10 times by different doctors and they keep saying nothing is wrong. When that ankle hurts, I can't walk at all. I end up limping or hopping around on one foot.
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I think it was last year.
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Sometime back when woolly mammoths roamed the earth....

Um, maybe about 35 years ago?
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Wow now that makes me feel old, I don't think I have ridden a bike for at least 30 years...
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In May of this year. I used to go the park and ride my bike, but then it got too hot so I stopped going. I do plan on going again when it cools off a bit.
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