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Not a fan of Comcast now

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Comcast is updating various programs and they messed up so that my pictures (probably others too) in my signature cannot be displayed! This is becoming annoying because it is over 2 days and when you read my posts there is a big ? where Butzie's picture should be. Now, I am generally happy with our Comcast service but not having my beautiful pets' pictures is pushing my buttons.

Want to send Comcast a "?" of their own, but mine would look more like those expletives deleted characters!
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We haven't been t happy with Comcast as well. Our TV's picture is horrible and we don't even get all the channels! Although we don't watch TV a lot anymore, I at least wish we had NBC so I could watch Heroes. At least we get SciFi so I can see the rerun the following Friday.
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Have you tried contacting Comcast to see what you can do to fix your pictures and the other things that were messed up?

I don't have a compliant about Comcast...they've been great for me. The only downside is that I don't get the WE channel...so I'm left on my own to figure out how to act like a Bridezilla before the wedding
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I presume you mean their web-space hosting no longer allowed remote linking? An easy as pie solution to that is to sign up for a free account at Photobucket, which definitely does allow remote linking to images. I know that's what most people here use.

Comcast is actually somewhat behind the times if they are just now implimenting that. Most ISPs did that years ago, because it eats up their bandwidth with no return to them.
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Comcast.....what is there to say about them
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Generally happy about Comcast's service and they do get back to us. Just that they are upgrading their services. Hope that all of you can see my pictures soon!
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