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My kitten opened his EYES! Yay!

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He surprised me this morning when he woke up and cried a little for his milk. And tada! Staring right back at me was his two little eyes! I almost screamed because I was so happy! Now, when he stare at me with his little eyes, my heart just melt. He's 13 days old now and from my observation, he's quite healthy. My BF managed to combed out three flees from his fur though, and we will try again later so that we don't miss any.

My lovely kitty has grown up so much since the first day I saw him at 4 days old. Still have a long way to go but each day brings more challenges and happiness at the same time.
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Awww - we need more pics of the little one. Does he have a name yet?
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Isn't he an absolute darling?
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Awww, he's a sweetheart!!
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OMG! Your little kitten is sooooo very precious!! :
Please post more photos of him as he grows, we can't wait to see more of Benjamin!
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I will be sure to post more pics ... but it's tough to get him to stay still .. most of my pics are so blurry since he tends to move around all the time. The pics above were actually taken moments before he fell asleep .. haha .. he was still standing on his four legs and after a while, he fell on his side and snooze off! Incredible!
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Oh my goodness Benjamin is a precious adorable little baby
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He IS cute

But he looks more like a Samuel to me
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Awww what a cute little boy!
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Awww Isn't it just so wonderful when they open their eyes and look at you for the first time?

Be sure to take as many photos as you can, cause they don't stay that size for long!

Good luck with the little guy!
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AAWWWW He is so cute. My babies were all so big compared to him - big daddy kitty though.

Well done for doing such a good job
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Thread Starter it perfectly okay for a 2 week old to start exploring and crawling a lot? Benjamin seems to be very curious of his surroundings and have exhibit play-like behavior. I thought he's still too young and should be sleeping most of the time.
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I do not have an answer to that question; but just wanted to say you sure do have a sweetie pie there...what a heart melter...
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No thats normal but make sure he is confined to a small area where he will be safe and not get into anything.
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We didn't get Blossom until 3 weeks old when my son found her. She was very quiet for the 1st few days, very wobbly on her legs & didn't play. I was able to keep her in a box for 4-5 days b4 she started exploring.
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Benjamin is still wobbly but that didn't hinder him much! When he bottle feeds, he usually perked up on this hind legs and eat almost standing up! His two front paws will be on my palm, pawing away in a cute rythm, up and down, up and down. I think this soothes him.

I placed him in a small faux fur shoulder bag today. I turned the bag inside out so the fur is in the inside. He stayed there quietly for a while before peeking his head out. He's so funny. He just goes in and out of the bag and at the beginning, he just placed his two front paws out of the bag. He tend looks up and down, left and right and went back into the bag. He did this a couple of times and then, boom! He leaped out! I know I am looking at a really active little kitten and he is starting early.
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Benjamin is SO precious!!
What a fluffy little cutie pie!!
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Oh my god, he is adorable!!!!!!!!
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Came back from the Vet and ah well, Benjamin is actually a GIRL. LOL!
So, she is now Lucy Belle.

All is well with her and the doc gave her a clean bill of health for now. She still have to be tested for Feline AIDS/LEUKEMIA first and if it's negative, get Strongid Wormer treatment and a Feline 3-1 Booster. Her next visit is a week after Thanksgiving. Doc said that she is still much to small to receive any kind of vaccinations and treatment.

The doc used a rectal thermometer to take her temp and poop! She made a mess on the table. And when doc and the nurse tried to clean her up, she screamed on top of her little lungs. Doc said she surely is a feisty little girl!

I am so happy that I did everything correctly, except keeping her warmer. So, he suggested that I purchased a heating lamp to heat up her nest box. I got an Infra Red Heat Bulp and the whole area now resembles a red light district!

Will keep everyone updated on Lucy Belle's development.
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Awwww well then congratulations for your beautiful little girl
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lucy Belle is a cutie. enjoy her being that timy, my little orphan Lucky 21 weeks, I miss that little squish baby face
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so cute what is the breed of cat?
and post more pictures of him
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Its a mixed breed cat and the poster just found out he is a she
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Yup, vet told me she's a domestic shorthair - tabby.
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ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how absolutely adorable is that little girl!! I am going to expire from cuteness overload!!! Congrats on raising that baby so well
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