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Indoor or Outdoor?

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I got bored and started thinking are your cat(s) indoor or outdoor?

Ryan is an indoor cat he has never liked the outdoors. My sister's cat Ria is also indoor because she had to have to declawed. She wished she didn't have to do that but she used to be a trucker driver and she wanted to take Ria with her and the only way her boss would let her if she had Ria declawed.
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All my kitties are indoor. I am afraid to let them outside, plus they are afraid anyways. Last time I brought Zebra outside she went crazy. Milo likes to go outside if I am holding him, but doesn't like to be put down on the ground.
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All of my animals, cats and dogs are indoors only It is the most safe option for them. They wear proper collars/id at all times and three of my six are microchipped (i took my two dogs today and chipped them, all i have left to chip now are my girl kitties and that will be done very soon!)

That being said, my kitties do get to go outside a few times a week in the backyard. They walk on a leash and harness and I have a little catnip garden i planted for them that they love They do get proper flea/tick prevenative once a month those since they go outside for leash walks.
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All of my pets are indoors only.
I do have a cat safe patio and the cats do go out supervised of course, when the weather is nice.
Spaz, and Trouble are very obedient and dog like and follow me back in when I go.
Vash really doesn't like outside but he still tries it out every few weeks.
Ivory is photo-sensitive and won't go out if the sun is up.
Shadow would stay out there happily is we let him.
Cassi is a former feral and the only one that needs to be watched like a hawk.
And the dog is a big wuss and does not want to be outside alone.
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All of mine are indoor only except Pumkin. He is a semi feral and we are still working with him to get him used to staying in more. I think when winter comes he will be in alot more.
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Leo goes outside to explore when it's nice outside, but we have 15 acres basically in the middle of nowhere so it;s safe. And we have one barn cat... it's completely his choice to be outside. Someone dropped him off here, and he just won't adjust to being inside.

Everyone else is completely indoor only.
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Mine are indoor, they go out for walks with harnesss/lead. My sisters cats (who we live with) used to be outdoor only, then indoor/outdoor now indoor with walks on lead.
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Except for Mitten (my first cat) who was an indoor/outdoor cat, all my cats have been kept indoors for their lives.
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My cats are indoor but I have built an outside enclosure off a window that they have access to at all times weather premitting of course.
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My 2 are indoor only. I'd be too afraid and paranoid to let them go out on their own. God forbid something happen

They do go outside with us on leash & collar tho & they love it!
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All of our fuzzies are indoor only. Except for when they go in their enclosed back yard when the weather is warm. Even then we do a kitty head count every 15-20 minutes so we know they are safe...
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Indoor Only. Skye was even indoor only at her first home before she was dumped at animal control with her kittens. So she doesnt even try to go outside. Calamity tries every once in a while to go outside.
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My house cats are strictly house cats and my barn cats are strictly barn cats. The only time that changes is if one of the barn kitties needs to come in for extra fix a boo boo or if they have a scheduled vet appt, that way I'm not searching the barn for 'em...I hate being late for appts!
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Ike is indoor only...mostly because I am at an apartment. But, I am leash training her for some walks
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My cats are outdoor and I've begged my dad since I got my first one to let them come inside but he refuseds to budge on the issue. Instead they come inside quite often dring the day when my mom and I are home.

However, when I move out I'm going to have inside-only cats, I feel they'd be healthier and happier if they were inside all the time.
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indoor outdoor always have and unless I decide to move to the city theyll stay that way... min are all trained to the back yard
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Quill is indoor, although we will let him out onto the balcony and he won't try to escape, and he's supervised. But mostly he'll just sleep out there and watch the street and the birds.
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Both of my guys are indoor cats. They will go out on the deck with me but that's as far as they venture. I live in a third floor loft and they will go to the edge of the stairs and look down but neither have ever showed any interest in going any further. They usually want back in the house pretty quickly.
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All my cats are indoor cats, with benefits.

They have full access to the sun room, which is now re-named the "cat room" at all times.

They also go out on leashes daily. Some prefer to just go out for a minute of fresh air, while others can spend hours sun bathing and stalking bugs.
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My two are indoor/outdoor but they are 80 percent of the time indoor. I wish I wouldve just left georgi as an indoor cat she used to freak out when she went outside but now she loves it.
When we move in January I really want to make them indoor only but Ill see how it works out. The never ever are allowed to spend the night outside! EVER Not that they want to but anyway.
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My cats are all indoor. They have never had a problem with only being indoor cats.
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Indoor only cat. She is a Sphynx. Very friendly too, and a lot of neighborhood dogs aren't so friendly to cats from what I have seen.

My dogs are indoor too. I enjoy them a lot more that way, they are actually a part of my life instead of I see them only when I go in the backyard and they love spending time with us indoors and sleeping in our bed (they have a doggie door for when we are home to go in and out). We go on long daily walks and play in the huge backyard (fenced) every day though. I love the outdoors, so do they, I wish my cat could experience the outdoors with us but I know it is a lot safer for her inside.
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Mine are all indoor cats (Winchester used to be an outdoor cat before he got 'fixed', but I took care of that problem! .). I used to let my babies outside years ago, but quit doing so after an neighbor kicked one of my babies, and caused him to have internal bleeding which resulted in the cat's death. Ever since then, I wouldn't let them out, except on a leash or out on the porch. Now I can't even do that, b/c of Geronimo & Winchester's FIP: we have too many strays that we feed on the porch, and I don't want to take the chance of any of my babies getting infected. But they're quite content to sit in the window and view the world that way..

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