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Vibes for my niece...

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My niece Samantha and her fiance (spelled wrong) are having a very hard time the last couple of days.

She took her kitty Sable to the vet last week because he had been lethargic and limping a bit...the vet just thought he was limping from a leg he broke when he was younger and that he was lethargic because he had some fleas (which we believe he picked up from staying down in the basement which was his hangout)

She had to rush him back yesterday because he suddenly got so much worse, he couldn't even hold his head up..She had a different vet than she had last time and the vet told her she should have brought him in much sooner! Well my niece freaked out at her about that because she had just taken Sable in less than a week ago!

Sadly the poor boy did not make it through the night His pancreas had shut down.
He was such a sweetie and it is hard for me as well, because he was an abandoned 3 - 4 week old kitten I cared for until he was old enough for my niece to take him. He was only 3 yrs old.

And one of her other cats, a girl named Cuddles may have to be PTS tomorrow, they are pretty sure she has cancer in her jaw, the tissue is just being eaten away from something. She is a sweetie too, she alway follows me around when I am at my nieces house.

Vibes would be much appreciated for my niece, her fiance and her girl kitty Cuddles.

Thanks for reading.
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OMG Diane how sad for them and you Oh Bless their little sweet babies They will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh gosh! My thoughts and prayers are with them!
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I'm so sorry!! I will keep her in my prayers!! Sending vibes your way.
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lots of vibes heading their way
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Bless their hearts. Sending special prayers and vibes for all.
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Thanks so much everyone, your thoughts mean a lot. I will show my niece this thread in a day or so.

I wanted to post this pic of Sable on the day he was found.

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Oh my goodness.... I am SO sorry. How horrible to deal with all that. Prayers being said for them.
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How sad. My prayers are with them.
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that is soo sad i will keep your niece and her fiance in my prayers
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Oh the poor little guy... he was so beautiful. She tried to get him help -- what was wrong with that first vet?

And now poor Cuddles... I'm just so sorry. Many healing vibes for your family.
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I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with all.
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Diane that's so sad, i'm so sorry

Their certainly in my thoughts right now
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Aww sorry to hear about their loss They are in our thoughts & prayers
We hope they are doing as well as they can

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Oh no! I am so sorry! I will keep them in my prayers. {{{Hugsss}}}
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Thanks again everyone. Haven't heard any news about Cuddles yet.
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