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Bald Spot

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Our baby has a bald spot on her side. It just suddenly appeared. She was taking clavamox for a UTI..dont know if this had anything to do with it. I also hear about stress cause this as well. about a year ago her mother had multiple bald spots and they just grew back...we didnt do anything. Is my cat stressed or did the antibiotics do this?
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Oh gosh, it could be a variety of things: stress can cause fur to fall out or cause your cat to tear it out, just like some humans tear their hair out or have it fall out when they're stressed; or it could be ringworm (but we sure hope not!), military dermatitis (allergic reaction to flea saliva), or something else. How suddenly did it occur? Let's see what some of the experts here at TCS have to say -- I'd hate to say "do this" and for it not to be right. Personally, I'd monitor it carefully, and if any more spots occur, I'd get a vet appt. right away. GOOD LUCK and do keep us posted, okay? Hope your baby is soon furry all over!
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Hair loss isn't listed as a side-effect of Clavamox. Have you noticed whether your cat has been scratching that spot quite often?
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she licks the bald spot
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I suppose it could be stress-induced over-grooming. It's nothing critical, but I think if it didn't go away by itself fairly soon, or if it got worse, I'd want to have a vet take a look. One thing you might do first, though, is to make her wear an e-collar to prevent her from licking it. Then, if it's caused by overgrooming, you should just begin to see new hair growing back in a week a so.
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ok so it hasnt got worse but I think we are taking her in tomorrow

here is a picture

is this ringworm?
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It's hard to tell from the pic, but it could be ringworm. Or overgrooming as mentioned. Or she could have fleas. Or it could be an imbalance within her body. Or a zillion other things. Let us know what the vet says!
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Bea had a spot like this a few months back.
It was dermatitus (dry skin), he just gave her a cortisone shot...
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took her to the vet and he tested her for ringworm with the florescent light. It didnt glow like if it was ringworm. He said it was some kinda fungus and gave us some ointment for it. Along with the ointment we put an e-collar on her and she seems miserable! its a soft e-collar btw
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Not all ringworm will glow, I believe it is 40% that does?
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well i know he isnt leaving out the fact it could still be ringworm. it seems this medicine we applied to her bald spot is making her drowsy..shes unresponsive to things she usually is all hyper for
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Do you happen to know the name of the medicine?

If it is a topical cream, it shouldn't be making her drowsy. I am rather familiar ( ) with ringworm treatments having used a few different ones....
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well the ringworm is almost gone. its been over a week...she is still wearing her soft e-collar and finds ways to get out of it. The thing i like about the e-collar is that she can still play and jump without the collar hitting something and stopping her.

here is a pic of her
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