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Cat claw scratch in mouth

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So...what do you do if your cat goes idiotic and ends up scratching your gum (the thing that holds your teeth in your mouth) with a claw?
No kidding, this just happened to the Mrs. Striker was resting on her, spotted Sassy and freaked out for some reason. He scratched Mrs.' face and cut her bottom gum slightly, enough to bleed.

I had her rinse with Listerine full-strength, then with full-strength Hydrogen Peroxide, flushing both with cold water. She is concerned that's not enough.

Anyone else ever dealt with something like this?

Do we have anything to worry about?

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Well, that can sure happen sometimes!! Sounds like you've done everything you need to do tho, especially the Peroxide. She could also try rinsing with warm salt water to keep it from getting sore. I'm sure she will be fine!
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I've had them scratch the inside of my lip before and have had no problems with it.
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I'd go with the salt water suggestion too. Cuts in the mouth heal pretty quickly, and as you're immune to the bacteria in your own saliva there's not much risk of it getting infected. Must be sore though!
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Sounds like the remedy was really good.

Ever been bitten by an Amazon parrot, you know, with the big beak? I was bitten on the ear lobe by our former Amazon parrot. Blood dripping from ear. Maybe she was trying to pierce my ear so that I could wear 2 earrings. Anyway, had to find another home for the Amazon because she kept trying to attack our son when he came along. Infant son did not need pierced ears.
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Thanks all for the reassurances!

Mrs. said her tooth/gum hurts like heck this morning. Striker is wisely still steering clear of her.

In the meanwhile, I had found some additional web info from the CDC on Cat Scratch Disease (CSD) that helped allay some concerns.

Thanks again for helping a stray member.

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