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flower essences

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has anybody here tried the essential waters before? i have 1 cat that does not get along too well with the others. she's more of a scaredy cat and some of the others take advantage of that. i saw on 1 site a multi-cat household water to be used along with feliway and was thinking about it
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If you do a search on TCS for Flower ESsences, you'll find a few threads about it. I used it VERY successfully with my Ferris, but I used a custom mixture made up by my holistic vet's office.

Bach's Rescue Remedy is also quite recommended by folks here.

Welcome to TCS.
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I'm using Rescue Remedy in my cats' water right now. We're going to be doing a big move in a couple weeks, so I thought I would give it another shot. We used it a few years ago for a different reason and it didn't seem to help. But this time around it's just for anxiety because we're packing/etc and it seems to be helping.

We're using a feliway diffuser too. Which definitely helps.
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