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I feed 4 pouches over 2 meals and kibble freely. (3/4 to adult twice and 1 1/4 between 4 kittens twice daily) they need as much as they can get at the mo. Ziggy is so Skinny!!!

Ran out of puches today (only 12 in a box and theres only so many I can fit in the cupboard! ) So they are only on free kibble for the day
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Harley & Bayley are free fed dry & given 1 wet meal every night. They used to get 2 when I was able to go home for lunch, but now they are surviving on one at night!
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I voted for all soft no kibble since there is no option for raw. Our kitties are fed 2x a day, about 2 heaping tbsp each.
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My 2 cats are overweight so they need to be fed a predominantly wet food diet. I have to keep them used to some dry in case I have to rely on a pet sitter who can't come to my house 3 times a day to feed wet food.

They get wet food 3 times a day. Each feeding is 1/2 of a 3 oz can or 1/4 of a 5.5 oz can per cat and only 1/4 of a cup of dry food for both cats too share and CET chews for the teeth.

If my cats aren't eating enough canned food on certain days I increase the dry food to 1/3 of a cup for both cats to share.

Also I purchased a professional pet scale so I can keep track of their weight and how much I need to feed them.

Brand of dry foods change from time to time and they get a rotation variety of wet food brands. I buy only high quality treats that are made of 100% chicken or salmon or Kitty Kaviar. Occasionally will give cooked chicken or turkey scraps but not too often. Would like to try commercial raw such as Nature's Variety. Don't know if they will eat it or not.
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I feed Nimbus about 1/2 of a 5oz can of wet food (Natural Life, Nutro, Fromm) a day. He gets 1/4 in the morning and 1/4 at night. I free feed him dry food (Nutro, Chicken Soup) throughout the day. He seems pretty happy with his meal plan.

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Free feed dry. Measured wet. I can't allow anymore. Chevy eats too fast and throws it up if he eats too much. I give Summer the same amount as I mix Cosequin in hers.
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Lucy eats two meals of raw daily. She eats either Nature's Variety or Aunt Jeni's twice per day.

Connie, the dry addict, eats two meals of dry per day. She is now eating California Natural, but was on Nature's Variety Raw Instinct chicken variety each day. I am trying to figure out whether or not her vomiting is from her food or a respiratory problem, and I'm honestly wondering if it's not food-related (see my other thread).
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She gets dry all she wants, and wet when she asks (which she does by banging the metal bowl on the ground over and over, looking up at me, and meowing, then coming over and rubbing on me) which ends up to be once a day or every other.

If only the foods that got recalled would get back on the market already (new ones, of course!) because she'll only eat shreddy/bits-in-gravy food.
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I free feed wet and dry.
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I'm surprised there aren't a lot of people whose cats refuse wet food... well, mine don't actually refuse it; but they lick a little, eat a mouthful, and leave the rest; so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like getting their nutrition from wet food!
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I voted for feeding dry food once and wet food once each day.

In the morning, my cat gets dry food (Iams) and at night I feed her wet food (Fancy Feast). After feeding her in the morning, I'll put her dish away but she's figured out where I put it so I need a new plan (lol). If she hasn't eaten very much by the time I get home from class 2 hours later I will just leave it out. When she eats the wet food, she always eats the gravy part first and some of the chunks and then comes back maybe 30 minutes later to finish it off.

She also gets quite a few treats throughout the day.
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1/8 of a cup of dry food for snacking and wet food 2x per day (1/3 of a 3 oz can per serving).
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Free fed measured amounts of dry
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I marked "Feed soft food and no kibble", but that's not quite true. Tailer and Forest get two cans of wet food a day, and a little bit of kibble as a bedtime snack. Harvey gets all wet food because he won't touch dry anymore.
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Poll adjusted for raw feeders!

Sierra eats homemade only and Serenity eats wet food, primarily Innova, and some homemade. My girlies get kibble as an occasional treat only, a couple of pieces here and there.
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