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How do you feed your cat?

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I'm wondering how you feed your cat daily.
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Sorry, missed raw feeders.
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Wow, it appears I've skewed the poll Jesse is fed 1/2 a can of either Eagle Pack holistic or Wellness twice a day. He was on dry food, but he was not doing well on it. Since switching him to premium canned his energy level has gone up (well, relatively...he's still pretty mellow), his dandruff has completely cleared up, and he's losing a bit of weight.
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OPPS no measured dry with one to two wet or homemade or raws

Zoey eats a cup of kibble and gets one or two other meals per day
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We usually free feed. Our cats aren't fat. They usually get two meals of soft food per day; skinny AND nursing cat can get anywhere up to five, plus KMR.
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They get dry food divided into three meals a day, and canned food a few times a week.
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I have only adults with no weight or health issues, so their dry is free fed and they get canned once daily.
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I free feed them dry at night (measured) and wet food (also measured) 3x a day. They get about 1/4 of a 3 oz can before I leave for work, when I get home from work, and before I go to bed. They rarely eat all of the food I put down, so maybe I'm overfeeding them
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I free feed Monster a high quality kitten food, and he gets a 1/2 can of canned food twice a day... he wont eat anything besides Fancy feast (elegant Medleys) or Purina kitten canned.
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I free feed dry ( Eagle Pack Chicken and Rice ) and they get two canned meals a day.
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They get a portion of dry in the morning and a portion of canned at nite.

Misty, try cutting out the before bed canned portion
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I put out a measured amount of kibble, they can snack on that until it's gone. It's free fed, but measured. They get 3 measured canned food feedings daily.
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Measured kibble that he nibbles throughout the day, and two small wet meals.
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Free feed dry ........and feed wet 3 x a day.
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Free fed 1/8 cup dry per day with 2 or 3 meals of wet per day.
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I feed twice a day. Breakfast is kibble and dinner is canned mixed w/kibble.
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No kibble. They get three meals per day of grain free Wellness or Natural Balance.
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I've messed up the poll too! I feed morning high quality dry with high quality wet then in the evening a snack of homemade (close to raw, only cooked)
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I feed them wet x5 or 6 during the day (they're still on fairly small meals, as they're only 4 1/2 months), and there is always dry food out for them.
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I'm not sure how to answer the poll as mine are fed differently to each other. Jaffa eats wet only (3 meals a day) and Mosi eats a mixture of wet and dry (the dry sprinkled on top of the wet - 3 meals a day)
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I picked the last option (all soft, no kibble), as all my girls (and dog) eat RAW. That fits under "soft" right? lol
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raw 2x day, 1/3-1/2 cup dry to share overnight, chicken neck/wing 3-5 times week.
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4 of my cats are free fed dry with one meal of wet a day. My 5th cat her portions are measured and she is not free fed.
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Riley is free-fed dry and gets 2 wet meals per day.
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Our cats actually get three dry servings a day. We don't give them soft unless it's a snack every now and again. I don't know if that's good or bad?
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I free feed dry kibble, with soft as a treat every now and then, but after reading about feeding practices here I'll probably add soft to their diets. With Sohni, it will be a problem I bet as he'll ignore his dry and yowl at me for more soft food
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I voted for "Feed dry kibble meals once or twice a day". (Felidae Cat & Kitten Formula)
If it was my choice, I'd feed both dry and canned.
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Raw 1 or 2 meals a day (depending on schedule, sometimes they get all their food in one meal), and a 'chewy' meal once a week or so (this week it was rabbbit peices. They loved that!)
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Roxie gets a measured amount of dry and 2 feedings of wet a day
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Jamie gets a measured amount (30 g.) of dry in the morning, and a can of food (70 g.) in the evening. If I free-fed dry, he wouldn't eat any canned.
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