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The kitties worked their magic

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Well, guys, little Molly, the kitten my parents fostered very unexpectedly last month after my SIL rescued her, along with my baby girl Katie, whom they took care of while I was recently out of town, successfully worked their magic. My parents, who lost their yellow lab, JD, and black cat, Missy, a number of years ago to old age, have decided that are willing to occasionally foster a kitty in need!

They loved having little Molly around until she went to her forever home and really enjoyed having Katie temporarily too. They were so funny. Every time I called, all they talked about was the kitties. They loved spoiling them too. Obviously, I'd love it if they'd fall in love with a particular cat and give him/her a forever home, but I'm thrilled that they just want to foster for now. That way, even more cats will be helped. I'm so proud of my parents for having the compassion to open their hearts and home to a foster kitty!
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That is wonderful! Yay for your parents.
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Awesome, Eileen! I'll just bet you're bursting with joy!
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Awww that's excellent Eileen One or two babies will win them over full time i bet
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Yay! It won't be long until they fall in love with one!
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What a wonderful post! Those lucky kitties I hope and pray that your parents' example serves to help other people open their own hearts and homes
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Oh that's fantastic news!
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I guess we know where you get that big ol' heart from now, don't we?

Yay for your parents!!!
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