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Happy Birthday Whisker's mom!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Mate!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday!
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Ghys! Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day!

May it be full of surprises, and friends and laughter!

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Hope you have a great day and did you get the card I sent?
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Happy Birthday Ghyslaine!!!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh my....Thanks guys!!!!!! My very first birthday thread!! Woohoo!! You guys are great.

I still have 3 hours left at this young age before I move on to the older and wiser me! Guess I'll stick around here and celebrate my youth!!!!!!

Ady....yes! I received your card. Did you not get my email???? I was sooooo upset at having forgot we were only one day apart and to have you remember was really nice. You are awesome!!!!!! I luv you!

So far, I have already been quite spoiled. A beautiful tree (an umbrella tree???? Don't know whta it's called) for my office of my good friends gave me a gold link chain. I was speechless and yes...I cried. Never, ever had a friend given me jewelery. I guess I got overwhelmed. far, it's been a great day before birthday and tomorrow, hopefully it will be a great day.

Once again.....Thanks everyone!

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Happy Birthday Ghys!!!

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Well, If I remember right, you are still a little bit younger than me,(or was it a little bit older than me???? geesh can't remember)...but we are close, I you are NOT old!!! :laughing:
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Happy B-Day Ghys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:rainbow: :baloon: :blubturq: :rainbow:
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psssst....Debby,...35. Ummmm...36 in 2hrs15min! Yikes!!!!!
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Thanks guys!

My boys woke me up this morning. They were more excited about this than I know, the fact that I'm older this morning. They have such a laugh because from now until next October, it seems like I am 2 years older than hubby and not 1 yr 9 months like I like to say.

As for gifts...I was spoiled! Oven Mitts, facecloths, towels, socks, PJ's, a nice sweater, and some $$$ from hubby!

My MIL gave me a gorgeous sweater and I put it on right away. It's so nice and comfy. And...a turtle neck to boot! I'm in heaven!

Have a great day everyone!

And at lunchtime....I am planning on having some cake!!!!!!! Yummy!
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Aw, Ghyslaine - you're just a baby! So CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MAKE SURE TO BLOW OUT ALL THE CANDLES TO GET YOUR BIRTHDAY WISH!!!!! ...and for your birthday, I wish that all your birthday wishes come true!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Ghislaine !!!
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We want some cake tooooooooooo *yummy* :tounge2: I'll make a special Vegemite cake in your honour Mate!!!
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Happy Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Ghys. Today's my dad's birthday, too. You're, exactly, 40 years younger than him.
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Happy, Happy Birthday, Ghyslaine
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Todays your day! Enjoy!
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Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day
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