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Cointreau and the Cats of Carradoc

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Update: I trapped 3 more this past weekend. One escaped into my basement unhappily and I had to re-trap and get to my vet which cost WAAY more than the low cost spays. However, she is now done and ready for
release tomorrow.

That makes 14 cats done roughtly, with 9/10 being females and the rest males. Of the females, 2 at least had had kittens before. The rest were immature.

Only 7 left to trap!!! Yayy,

Cointreau the Siamese red point (not flame) progressing very well.
After only a week at home, he has come round nicely to be
more social, to run around and play with Dewey the mad cap kitten
(who NEEDS a good home!). He purrs, lets you pick up and pet
(but only if you sit down first and play with a string, LOL).

He will make a wonderful cat. I am asking Siamese rescue
to take him in, as I cannot keep him, but he needs
some more attention first before going up for adoption.

Also Dewey is become a fine escape artist and NEEDS a home.
He is high energy and wants other cats / kittens to play with.
Is there any one on the board who wants a great DLH Blk and White
cute as button guy? Also very affection love handling and is not
afraid of kids or dogs - can hold his own anywhere, LOL.

So, that's it for now. Things are progressing. My next steps are to find rescue groups that want to put together financing for a mobile spay neuter clinic - this is hard to do, since the bank wants to have financials. I dream of winning lotto and just buying one outright and turning over to a group to run it.

wouldn't that be grand!!
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Good job getting those cats spayed/neutered!
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Happy to hear that everything you are doing is going well!
Good Luck with spaying/neutering the remaining cats
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That's just awesome! You will treat yourself to something very special once you get done with all of this, won't you?

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Good luck! It sounds like you are really on a roll with those cats and kittens! You are doing a great job!
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Cointreau update:

He's playing on the bed in the mornings now!! Eating toes, being
petted and not running away from the hands!!

Yayyy. Got his first worming, for Roundworm, seems to have
given him a bit of boost.

Vet visit Monday at 10 am., to get assessed for worms and
Albon for stinky poo.

Yes, yes, he's going to be a great little cat!!

Siamese Rescue is gonna love him...
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