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Growling in his sleep?

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Do any of your cats growl in their sleep? When Tubee was a baby he used to shake pretty badly in his sleep and he would also growl, so we went to the vet and he said that it had to just be nightmares because there was nothing wrong with him. This made sense because he was found on a tube mill. We were expecting him to just stop, but he didn't. He doesn't shake as much, but he growls and twitches. So I was just wondering if anyone else's cats do this.

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My Kitty Lucky does, I have seen both my dogs do, I always thought it was just dreams.
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How often do they do it? Tubee does it almost every time he sleeps. The other cats haven't done this.

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I really haven't noticed how often, I know my older dog Rosie does it alot when she sleep, My little dog Sophie hardly at all, but when she does, her little legs look like they are running, Lucky the kitty seem do do it less often then the dogs, but her whiskers twitch, so do her little paws,
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I'll move this to the behaviour forum

Rosie whimpers and twitches in her sleep now and again, and she's usually in such a deep sleep that she goes all floppy as well. I wouldn't worry about it
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Tomas used to growl and cry in his sleep, the first month or so after I found him. I'd always gently wake him up and let him know he wasn't alone.
Who knows what they're dreaming about or remembering.
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All of ours had been twitchers in their deep sleep until Jasper - who actually meowed once! I think we pretty well agree it's comparable to humans who talk or move as they sleep.
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Kitters doesn't growl but she snores!!! It's the funniest thing in the whole world!
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My cat always growls in his sleep, especially when I pat him so don't worry about it, it's just a signal like Humans!
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