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Well its really good that she ate and pooped! that is signs she is getting back to normal.

Sending many vibes for her quick recovery

How terrifying
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I am so sorry for this terrible thing you and your baby are going through!
My siamese fell off 4th floor once, was missing for about 24 hs, and was found in a neighbor's garage. Other than very scared and dehydrated, she had a small trauma in the head but recovered in a week.
I wish both of you can be feeling well soon too!
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Is there one particular medication that she's foaming at the mouth from? It might be something bitter... in that case ask your vet if they can have a compounding pharmacy make up a prescription with flavoring. It costs more and it's a pain to have to go out of your way to get it, but it's much easier to get a chicken- or beef-flavored liquid into the cat.

I sounds like mixing the medication into food isn't working, and it may be part of why she's avoiding food. I think in this case all medications should be given with a syringe or a pill popper. I highly recommend these videos from the Cornell Feline Health Center on the best and easiest ways to give medication:


There may be techniques there that will help.
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I just saw this thread. I hope that you have good news from the vet tonight. If you are having trouble with fluids, can they send you home with fluids and show you how to administer them? I used to do that daily with my senior cat Timothy.
Sending prayers and vibes your way!
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sorry to hear this. your kitty sounds extremely frightened and I hope you can find something to calm her down.

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Another thought... when my cat had a bad respiratory infection and wasn't eating or drinking much, the vet injected subcutaneous fluids keep him hydrated for the next few days. I don't know if this is general practice with vets, but you might ask yours about it.
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Not such good news.

The hip isn't staying in the socket and won't without surgery.

It will run us over a grand, which we've already spent over that and we are POOR.

We've applied for care credit and got denied.
Our credit isn't good and to top that off, we're moving in a couple of weeks sucking up ALL our savings, which trust me, isn't much. I haven't eaten since Monday so she could have her medicine.

She needs this surgery and I'm crying about it and DH is like "well maybe she can still live a decent life without it". I'm like no, absolutely not, I'd give my soul to make sure she has this surgery which has a 98% success rate that the cat will live a completely normal cat life without any pain. The vet said if she doesn't have it, she'll never be able to walk right and will live with pain and eventually really bad arthritis. He's an awesome guy and is trying to work with us (even throwing in freebies without letting the hospital know) but we can't make this money just appear....we just don't have it!!!!

Sophie is 8 months old. She has a whole long life ahead of her. This is my baby.

The vet put on some expensive $65 patch on her hip that will slowly release pain meds for four days so she's not in as much pain and sent us home with more pain meds and sedatives, but says she has to be confined to her little tiny crate for SIX WEEKS!!!! It's a full time job taking care of her, and I'm not complaining for my sake, I'm complaining for hers. I don't want her to be in anymore pain and I don't know HOW we are going to come up with the money for this surgery. I called other vets in the area and no one will take on this case because it's pre-existing and they don't want to touch it.

I don't know what I'm going to do.

Right now I'm going to the supermarket to pick up some babywipes for when she makes a mess of herself everytime I have to force-feed her meds, and soem babyfood, which the doctor suggested is easier to crush up the medicine in and syringe feed it.

I am praying and praying to God to please help me out here....I need a miracle right now.

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Here's my lil angel this morning after her medicine cuddling with the teddy bear I got her last night:

Everyone's solution that I talk to about this is: "You can't afford it Dani, you HAVE TO put her to sleep."

I can't even consider that , this is my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm falling apart.

I really hope someone has SOME advice.
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I wish I had some advice, but I can relate to a certain extent. I have spent $1300 trying to get my kitties better and I am a graduate student living on my own right now. The situation my kitty is in requires 24/7 attention, and my work, finances, emotions, and any other kind of life are suffering. Many people have reccomended I put her to sleep as well, and if her qualit of life doesn't improve in the next week or two I might have to. It is killing me though, there is also a surgery my kitty can have, at about the same cost as yours, however not quite the same prognosis. I am currently applying for external help but it isn't looking promising. I am also her only caregiver, and am in a new city so I have zero help.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, the only advice I can give is for her fluids,fluids are so important. If the vet will show you how to administer sub-cutaneous fluids I would try this. I currently give kismet 100mL/day under the skin in her neck (it's quite easy to do) and doing this was the first turn around we had.
Honestly though, you can't starve yourself, if you don't look after yourself you can't look after her and your other kitties. Stay strong, but you can only do so much, and you can always take solace in the fact that YOU have done EVERYTHING that is in your power...........we can't control everything.
GOod luck, my thoughts and prayers are with you and sophie.
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I don't have much for advice...I would check with banks and family to try and get the money. Will the vet work out a payment plan with you? That could be another option. My husband's cousin was in a similar situation and ended up getting help from the local Humane Society. It was a similar amount of money.

She looks so sweet with her teddy.
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It may be a long shot, but I had an idea. Try to find a locoal telivision station that would do a story on her. Explain how much you love her. Perhaps you would get donations to help you pay for your babies needs.
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My Aunt's cat was hit by a car, and he dragged himself back home. He had broken his pelvis and his leg. He was in a cast for 6 weeks and had surgeory to fix his pelvis. He was in a medium dog crate for 6 weeks with his litter tray and food. When he came out he was quite wild. And was gradually re-introduced to the family for an hour a day. He had to go back in the crate again after.

He is now very healthy, and living a full life and back to his old tricks. He is only a year old.

I hope you can come up with the money. I know how much you love Sophie. You can do it. Can Friends and Family help you out?
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I don't have family, however, DH has an ex-girlfriend (grrrr, I really don't like her but desperate times....) who is a vet tech and said she might be able to work out a payment plan at her clinic.

So I'm crossing my fingers on this!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh Poor Sophie. That must have been horrible for you too.
I hope she's alright.
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Oh no! I do hope Sophie gets better. This thread breaks my heart.

As for coming up with ways to get money, perhaps try posting an ad on craigslist.com? You could probably do it in the community section under pets. It's a long shot, but you never know!

Best to luck to the both of you.
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I'm so sorry you and Sophie are going through this. I hope you can come up with a way to get her the surgery she needs. You could try applying for help at http://www.imom.org . They can help you raise money for Sophie's treatment.
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I'm so sorry for you both...

try this site... a friend of mine used it when his kitty Keek got crushed and have to have his legs amputated...


good luck!
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I love you all , you have no idea........ this has been the most painful struggle of my life and no one that loves their pet the way I do can understand (aka, aallllllllllllllllllll of my friends).......................... I'll update when we find out today if we can get financed at DH's old gf's vet.......
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I'm so sorry to hear of your plight & hope Sophie makes a full recovery.
Last year I hand raised 3 baby mice & I read somewhere on the net to give them electrolites for 24 hrs b4 giving milk feeds to keep them hydrated. I had 'hydralite' & gave it to them in a syringe by putting a drop at a time on their lips. You'd have to ask if cats can have it.
Over 14 yrs ago I accidentally ran over my torty cat Coco. She jumped over the fence into my mums so I thought she must be ok. She wasn't so I took her to the vets. She wanted to take x-rays, because on feeling her pelvis it felt crunchy. At the time I couldn't afford it. The vet asked the senior vet, who owned the practice, what else we could do. He told her that b4 x-rays for pets with suspected broken bones, was to give cage rest for 8 weeks, which we did. At the time I had a puppy & she would torment poor Coco locked in the cage.
When she healed, she walked/now walks with a slight limp & walks with her back leg slightly to the side. She's 16 y/o next month & as far as I know its never given her anymore trouble.
Sending get well vibes your way. I hope you are eating yourself now, you need to keep up your own strength to look after Sophie.
I think it a great idea to get in touch with a tv station. People do it all the time here & get a huge response with donations.
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i hope all is well and you don't have to put that BEAUTIFUL cat to sleep.
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What about amputation of the one leg at the hip?

My RB kitty had to have her left hind leg amputated at age 5. Stupid boyfriend at the time came home way too drunk and fell on her and smashed her leg.

I was a poor college student at the time but took her to the university vet school. Because her break was so bad (20+ years ago now) they used her as a teaching case and I only had to pay for the hardware. That was expensive enough. This was a $2500 surgery at the time. They couldn't plate it so they did a bone graph and put on an external fixation device. She was in a small kennel all day for 2 months. only out to eat and use the litter box.

It was horrible. Then at 2 months it wasn't healing so they did another bone graph. Same waiting process for another two month. Still no healing.

At this time they suggested amputation. I was so freaked out. They assured me she would do fine. The orthopedic surgeon called we when she woke up from surgery. He had her in his office! He said he could not believe what a different cat she was. She was rolling and purring on his desk, she had already tried to walk .

I wish I had never put her through the surgeries. She lived a long happy life and adapted like she never knew she was missing a leg.

I just wanted to put this out there as an alternative for you. I feel so badly for you having to go through this.
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I should know more today from two different vets on whether or not they can reduce costs for our surgery.

*crosses fingers*
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So here's another Update:

We are having an intern do the surgery with a surgeon watching over because this will cut the costs of the surgery almost in half.

We're getting an estimate of about $800 to get her hip fixed. That is the ultimate last of my savings, but I hope it does the trick and she gets all better!!!

This has been the saddest, most stressful week of my life.

I've had Mutty for 17 years and NEVER saw her in pain.......at 8 months old Sophie falls out a window and I have to take care of the poor little helpless thing everyday.

I've stayed home everyday since this happened to be by her side, especially since she's on so many meds.

She's out of her sedative so I really hope she makes it through the night ok before we bring her in for her operation. I won't get her back until Thursday or Friday.
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Hugs and prayers going out to you and your Sophie. I know that the next few days will continue to be very stressful, so I am sending some extra vibes your way!
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o thank goodness...

healing vibes for a speedy recovery... to you both
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Thanks so much.

I'm about to take her in and I'm bawling my eyes out.

It's hard to trust anyone doing surgery on your baby.

I actually don't have to leave for an hour and a half but couldn't sleep because I can't stop worrying, so just got up and got ready and pet her a little.


They better call me with each and every update!!
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Sending many good luck & get better vibes for Sophie

And some calming vibes for you.
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Here's some for Sophie to come through the surgery safely and a for you.
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I've been waiting all day to hear from the surgeon and one of the technicians just called me at 4pm (sophie went in at 8am) to tell me that they had too many surgeries today so she won't go in until tomorrow.

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o geez... how frustrating.

hang in there
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