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Help, my kittens urine is a funny colour

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We have 2 kittens that are 12 weeks old and have noticed that their urine seems to be funny colour. It looks like a pinky/orange colour. Not sure if it is both of them or just one. Please can anyone give us some advice? Is it normal?
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No,it's not normal. A vet trip would be a wise idea since it could be anything from something they've ate, dehydration, or something worse. Have they been sick lately? Do they have access to lots of water?
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Please see a vet immediately - it could be UTI or something else. Orangish/pinky color sounds like possible blood.
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We have only had them for 3 days. They are both very playfull and do not seem ill in their selves. They have been drinking a lot of water and are still eating and drinking. A trip to the vets may be the best thing. Thanks for the advice.
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you should definitely take them to the vet but...
what kind of food do you feed them?

some foods have beets and dyes in them that will stain the urine.
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Never thought of the food dye thing. What other foods besides the Meow Mix have the color dye in them?
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Food colourings would be my first thought. What are you feeding them? It's no Go Cat is it? I know of cats who have had green pee from the peas in that! I think it has orange bits in too??
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The food is Science Hills Plan, dried for kittens. I can not be 100% sure on what they had before coming to us. Poor Seb and Bella.
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You could try calling a vet in the morning. Maybe they would be familiar with it or know if the kittens should be brought in.

Have they had any vet visits yet? If not it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and get their kitten shots and a check up.
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The girl that had them before us took bella and seb to the vets for their second shot the day before we took over. I will give the vet a call in the morning and keep an eye on them tonight.
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check the ingredients on the bag... I'm not sure which ones have dyes in them but I know some do. and sometimes (like beets and peas) it's a natural and not harmful dye.

but still...

to the vet!
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