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What are you trying to say about me!

New word: sercfendife
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Incorrigible was all about me but we are the same except for our:


New word:

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This game is too hard
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noon stake mania

(This is 2 words, City & State)
I will give another clue in a few hours.
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Sorry guys... Here is a clue:

It's known as the "Halloween Capital of the World"
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Anoka, Minnesota

City and State, humm...

ryknose wen kyor
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Yonkers, New York!

Never heard of there!

New word:

no cat via (one word)
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Vacation! At least I think thats it...

Two Words: refveor ehmo
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Forever Home?

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knraccrtue tiesu

2 words
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Nutcracker Suite? (I love that)

okay, next one:


(two words)
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