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My cat sits on my foot? WHY? LOL

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This issue don't bug me cuz it's so funny, but I was wondering, does anyone here have a cat that likes to sit on their foot? I have a 9yo male orange tabby. He's been fixed. But anyways, if I'm just standing around or sitting, my cat comes up and just plops his butt on my foot and sits, or lays, there. Sometimes he does that to my boyfriend (it's funny cuz he thinks the cat's being preverted lol). Sometimes he'll get so into sitting on my foot, he'll "love" bite my ankle or leg. Anyone know why he might like doing this? Like I said, it don't bug me, I'm just interested in why he likes doing that. Does it feel good to him (how tho, he's been fixed lol)?
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Penny tends to walk on, stand on, lay on, sit on my bare foot.

I have no idea why. She isn't a lap cat at all, though she does like her lovies, but for some reason, she seems to be comfy on my foot instead!
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I have two that do the same thing.
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He's maybe trying to stop you wandering off because he wants some attention. My cat lies on my lap when she wants me to stay sat down.
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My cat Suki *loves* when my feet are bare, which is almost never because I *love* socks, heh. However, on those rare occasions when I do have bare feet (right out of the shower or anytime past laundry day) she goes nuts and sits on my feet or nuzzles them the whole time. Once in a while I'll play video games barefoot and then she worms her way under my feet and rubs her own tummy with them (no participation from me needed, apparently). *chuckle*
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I have no clue - but Ling as a young kitten used to be the first out of the box and sit on or near your feet to be picked up. Now (typical female) she only wants to be picked up when she choses - not when you want to pick her up!
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I think this is simply one of those situations that they do it because they can.
I get sat on all the time, in fact Sho loves to use my leg as his own personal chair. Unfortunately, Sho doesn't always clean himself before plopping down. This is one reason why I always wear socks, pj pants, or even my jeans around the house.
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I call it hugs... when I leave in the morning, I go to the door and call Seamus over and say "come give me hugs" and he comes and puts his little face on my foot and rubs himself all over my legs and feet, then plops over waiting for a little scratch on the face... I guess feet being on the floor and being these neat moving things attracts them to make themselves at home right on them Their way of being closer to us...
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Rosie stands on mine, i think it's so cute
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Hi;  Our cat too sits on your foot every chance she gets.  I don't know why, and I'd like an answer too.. 

LOL  its too funny, as she does this to everyone.

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