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More adoptables

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Since Natalie has her adoptables...

This is Annie who has been in the shelter system for well over a year. She was in the cage next to Autumn for quite a while. She is really skittish and had a set back when her brother was adopted but not her.

Citrus who is my sweetheart, he paws at everyone hoping they will take him out

Nicki trying to look innocent after pulling my makeup out of my bag while I cleaned out her cage

Nuggett who has the most amazing colouring

Catcher is my 'special' baby. We are not sure what happened to his foot, he may have been born like that (front declawed)
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Aww they are all such darlings! For the cats who need loving homes!
We hope that they all find their forever home They deserve it!
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They're all so gorgeous! Sending lots of vibes for them to find forever homes!
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they are all adorable!! Citrus reminds me of my Dionysius lots of adoption vibes
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They are all beautiful!!! I wish I could take them all, but i cant have anymore cats until i get my own place, and get a better paying job. if i could afford to take them all i so0o would!!! i bet theyre just dying for a loving home! god only knows what they have been through.
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They're all adorable, but my heart just breaks for sweet little Annie.
What a shame that the people who adopted her Brother couldn't take her as well.
Sending lots of adoption vibes and Prayers for all of them.
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Awww Eithne, they are so gorgeous! I LOVE Nicki!
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Adding "find a happy home" prayers and vibes Nuggett is truly an amazing beauty Bless you for caring for them
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You know I love Catcher!
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Please send me Citrus!!

Lots of adoption for them!
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OMG Eithne, they are gorgeous!! I love Annie
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Nat seriously come get Annie
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Some new ones

This little girl is deaf and declawed but a complete sweetheart

This boy is an adorable ball of love, he is a definite lap cat and loves to play

This girl is shy and timid, but once she is comfortable with you she is a complete lovebug

This boy (who has amazing eyes) reminds me of Bumper, he just wants to snuggle and play all day

I love orange tabbies and this one is a typical orange tabby, he snuggled and purrs and is somehow playful and lazy at the same time

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They're all adorable, but I'm so in love with the little deaf girl and of course the orange baby.
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The orange boy is one of my favourites!

That is him in my sig chatting away to me
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Deaf kitty? I've actually only seen one deaf kitty on petfinder who wasn't white!
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Man I am soo glad I dont live near a shelter or at least I dont think I do because I wouldnt be able to stop myself from adopting all of them they are all so beautiful..
especially Citrus :P
Loads of Luck for an adoptions and that they go smoothly
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Please send me Citrus!!
No me! No me! He's so handsome!!!
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I have no idea why Citrus is still there, he is so loveable!

Yes she is deaf, I found it unusual myself that she wasn't white but you can make loud noises and she doesn't even flinch so she is deaf.
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Does it ever amaze you the cats people pick & the ones who sit there furr-ever waiting to be adopted?

I've known people who pick cats based on looks, even if they aren't very friendly! Then the "ugly" or "boring" looking ones with great purr-sonalities sit there forever!
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We have some great looking ones with great personalities who sit there forever.

We have a fair number of black cats who are 'too boring' for most people, but some striking calicos, Citrus is amazing, Thunder's eyes are to die for, Gizmo is an amazing tabby long haired with the greenest eyes (she gives Mags a run for his money) but most of all, this kitten

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Oh my, what a beautiful girl...just look at those eyes.
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Well the gorgeous calico is still here... but Bonita (the deaf one) and Catcher (the one with the deformed paw) both went home.

We got some new kittens

The gorgeous Miss Lacey

Brother and Sister in love


PNut (family to Butter and Jelly)

and the oh so regal Sisken - not a kitten obviously
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OMG Eithne.... The gray babies remind me of my Davidson- what dolls! I want them both, please!
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Oh my, just look at those beautiful faces.
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