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Agressive kitten. :(

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I just took in a foster. She's a 9 week old long-haired, black kitten. I got her on Saturday and everything seemed fine. However, yesterday I found her playing with my ferret's leash so I bent down to take it away(I don't want her chewing it apart) and when I grabbed it she growled and batted out at me. Well, I wasn't too scared since she's just a little kitten, so I went ahead and took it away. However, when I finally managed to get it she bit my finger REALLY hard and both canine teeth pierced my skin and caused me to bleed.

I was wondering if any of you have gone through this. If so, how can I teach her not to be toy aggressive? I have her til she's 12 weeks old, so I need to fix this behavior by then.

Of course, I can't post about her without giving ya'll a pic, so here ya go(please excuse the mess), lol:

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Kingston was toy aggressive when he first came home. He out grew it. I think he learned he no longer had to share toys with litter mates. I didn't really do anything about it.
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Thanks, I sure hope this little boy outgrows it soon as well.

I'm scared of a 9-week old kitten, how pathetic is that, lol.
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She sure is a beauty!! I love that tail! But are you sure she's nine weeks old? She looks a lot older to me. Instead of grabbing things from her, maybe you could try easing things away and being slow and gentle around her. Hope your finger's ok!
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My OSH mixed fosters are all very toy and food aggressive. They growl and attack anyone who tries to steal food or toys from them. Ive managed to make them realize that they cant be that way with people but they dont believe me that they cant do that to the bigger cats yet.
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Yup, 9 weeks is what the shelter told me. then again, they ALSO said it was a boy, but I'm pretty sure it's a girl. I'll have to take a pic later and have ya'll take a look.

In the pic he looks alot older then he really is, believe me he/she is really small.

Wait, here, I snapped some pics...

Here's is the kitten next to Binx, you can see how much smaller the kitten is:

And here are the "privates":

So, boy or girl?
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Well, when I got the kitten he/she was covers with scabs all over on the back of the neck and head and also seems to have had all the whiskers bitten off, except one.

Sooo...maybe the kitten was kept in with older cats and was constantly beat up. The kitten is really skinny(can't tell because of allt he hair), so I'm thinking it probably had to fight for food as well. The poor thing about killed my other cats the otehr night when I gave them wetfood he wanted ALL of it. :o Even Binx, the one who usually hogs all the food, backed off!
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Sure looks like a girl to me!! Poor baby...that's probably why she's ill natured. Maybe being with you will calm her down.
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