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What do you think?

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OK I'm saying this first and foremost: I am NOT knocking Craigslist.

I'm just curious if anyone has found a decent [paying] job through Craigslist? The reason I ask is that for fun I applied to a job through it that is via a company that's should be $$$$. It's small, but does national stuff.

I applied either late last night or at 4:30 am this morning. The HR person called me at 10:00am. After talking with her I'm having some hesitation about continuing.

The kudos about the job are 1) they focus on a portion of the field that I'm getting my degree in 2) They sound pretty quick about hiring someone 3) They're interested in my degree 4) They're willing to train me.

The one bad thing about it is that its 40-45% travel, regionally, once I'm done training. They're a national company so this means that not all of my travel will be in the state of NJ.

The red flag was also the salary. I told them what I'm looking for (a little less then what I was going to make, but not unreasonable especially for all the travel and once I have my degree). She asked if I negotiable at all towards that salary and I said that I was but by only $1000.

I'm just a little nervous as it almost doesn't sound legit and I'm afraid that I will be back in the same wagon I was in MI. The company is small again (like 30 people). They also do not have their job posting on any other web site like monster or careerbuilder, only on Craigslist.

Thoughts? I may just keep going "just to see" and I know I can say "no".
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That sounds weird - can you check through a better business organization? Did you google them?
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Many companies do try listing on free sites before paying the outrageous fees that Monster etc charge, so I wouldn't ignore it just because it isn't listed on other sites. But go with your feelings on any job - but in my experience, it is always worth an interview to check the place out
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
That sounds weird - can you check through a better business organization? Did you google them?
The weird thing is that they aren't listed anywhere in the BBB I tried to google [company name] + Scam but didn't find anything. They have a web site that checks out with whois.

Hmm...I guess I'll just check it out.
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Good luck on the job

I've never looked on Craigslist for jobs, so have no experience (or from others). I usually look on the "Free" list - when we get a pickup truck, we are planning on replacing some of our couches/chairs in the family and living room to something better.

The furniture we have now was either from storage lockers that DH "bought" and we kept the good stuff....or from yard/garage sales when moving. I've seen some nice stuff for free when people are moving, or just got new furniture and don't want the old. Granted a LOT of free couches on craigslist are ugly or in bad shape, but we've seen some pretty decent stuff. Because of this, we will NEVER go waste money on brand new furniture - a lot of the stuff is only a few years old and the people are getting rid of it!

Once you start getting your nice furniture cheap or free, you will never go back to buying furniture in a store - even at "sale" prices
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It wouldn't hurt to do some checking on them, just to be sure they are legit, but I got my current job on craigslist.
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Well I did it! I updated my resume and provided them some papers that I did this past year for school. I did some further checking and they started their web site the same year the company started.

I'm of course going to check to see if they are a family owned company I really, REALLY have no intention of going back to that. Unless its a larger corporation of 5,000 employees. Then I'll make the exception.

Hopefully I hear back
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I am always very leery of giving out personal information, resume, address, and things like that until I know they are an honest business. I would do some digging around, craigslist scams aren't uncommon. Best of luck and hope this turns out to be everything that you hoped for!
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