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We have had Mel for a while now with our other three cats Tigger, Sadie and Sam. Tigger, Sadie and Sam all get along wonderfully however we have had to put Mel downstairs she hates the other three cats especially Sadie...she has already sent me to the ER with Sadie for a bad bite...Mel was separated from my 3 for about a month before being allowed to roam the house and was slowy introduced to them. This has gotten to the point where we feel like we may have to look for a home for Mel with no other cats. I need all the advice I can get...I dont know what to do
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Females tend to be more territorial and take longer to accept another cat - especially if its another female. Some live in the house for years and all of a sudden start hating the other cats and picking fights.

These cats do better with no other cats or maybe one other (a neutered male). If you feel she would be happier in another home and not cause problems with your cats, then re-home her.

I had to do that with my one rex female. She was a breeding cat - she really didn't get along with the other females in the house. But after being spayed, she decided she really HATED my oldest spayed female and would pick fights with her all the time. I finally separated her from the rest of the group - she was happy living in my son's room. Because she would not interact with the other cats, I felt it was better to rehome her to a "only cat" home where she could have all the attention. Worked out very well - she was "queen of the house"
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Thanks Goldenkitty I was afraid everyone here would fuss at me for the idea of rehoming her...Its just her and sadie hate each other and another trip to the E-Vet is something I cant afford it drained us the first time at about 250 dollars its worth it though and Sadie is ok but I fell bad having Mel downstairs all by herself all the time except for when I do laundry which is about 2 hours a day down there with her! I just want to find her a good home. I need to get myself an adoption application
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I think when you've bred/shown cats, its not so hard to make a decision as to whether a cat stays or gets rehomed. Sure I missed my kittens, but knew that they were well loved and were already spoken for.

I rehome for the best interests of the cats!
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I agree.

I think we always want to exhaust every option first, but ultimately the kitty needs to feel safe and happy in her environment.
I had to re-home resident stray, Pita, when I moved into this house... she lives with my mom now and all the cats are much happier now.
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