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Hi I am new

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Hello everyone

Have been looking around the board for a few months and finally got around to joining.

You seem such a nice place to be, so I look forward to staying for a while.

I have 2 cats, 1 girly and 1 boy. The girly is called Lucy and she is short haired black and white kitty. The boy is called Oscar and he is a long haired tabby (or tortiseshell - what is the difference?)

They are both wonderful, and have helped me through some bad days, cats just know how to cheer you up don't they!

Hopefully I will get some pictures on soon of them.

Hope to see you around soon.

Mews and headbumps

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Welcome! Glad you decided to join in!
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Hi to you and Lucy and Oscar! Welcome to the forum

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Welcome to the site! Glad you came out of lurking.

The difference between a tabby and a torti is that a torti has multiple colors (gray, brown, black and orange are the most common), while a tabby are different "shades" of the same color, i.e. gray with black stripes, orange with darker orange stripes. Generally, boy kitties cannot be tortis because of the genetics involved. Color is determined by the X set of chromosomes, so the only way for a cat to be a torti or calico (calico's are white with splotches of different colors) is to have XX, or be a girl. Rarely there are males with an extra X chromosome, or XXY, and they are almost always sterile or hermaphroditic. Didn't know you'd get a genetic lesson, did you? LOL
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Hi and welcome.
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Welcome Clare!

This is a great place to share your feline interests! Enjoy your stay!

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Glad you joined!!!
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Thank you all so much for the welcome

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Welcome Clare! Hope to see more of you in the Lounge.
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