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My amateur photography of leaves changing color.

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I just had to show everyone the different color leaves. I live in a city, but there is still the beauty of fall leaves.
I in no way did any photo shop to the colors of the leaves.

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Excellent pictures!!
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That is stunning! Last fall I took some pictures too at a park downtown. Here are a couple of mine!

I'm not a pro but it sure is fun to take pictures!
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Gorgeous pictures!!!!
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Very pretty!!!

Ours hasn't changed yet, but I can't wait to see!!
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Your autumn photos are beautiful! We'd say you have a talent for photography Thanks for sharing the photos that you took! Fall is our favorite season!
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Wow greenvillegal! I didn't think of going in under the tree! Your's are beautiful!!
I tried to get a couple pics of trees that the leaves are yellow/orange on the outside but still green on the inside leaves, it didn't work from a distance. I took my pics last week and this weekend; last night it rained and alot of leaves have dropped, alas, my window of opportunity has passed.
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stunning pictures!, most of the trees round us are still green, they are changing slowly though!
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Beautiful pics!
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Very pretty!
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Gorgeous! Great pictures.
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Very pretty pics!
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i love it when the red looks almost pink!
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Man, not fair! We are going through a drought right now. There won't be any pretty colors like that this year. Everything is brown and dead!!
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There are hardly any leaves left on the trees here! So, you're gorgeous pics are refreshing!!
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Just gorgeous!
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That's one thing I really miss about living back home in Wisconsin: you don't get to see the beautiful colors of the trees changing like that here in Texas (not where I live, anyways!).

But I still don't miss the snow & cold!

Beautiful pics!

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Oh so pretty! We're just starting to get a touch of color here and there now.
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Such beautiful colors... you may be an amateur, but you did a great job!
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Oooo the red/pink is soooo pretty! I just love all the colors we have right before everything dies or turns brown.
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