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Forum Points

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How do forum points work? do you just get a random x-y amount after a post? because I've made posts with pictures that only give me 1 point, and I've made posts that were only a sentence or two long that gave me 5 points... I'm confused. Is there a thread hiding somewhere with more information on how points work?
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Here ya go!!

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Thanks for the info. I don't understand why the subscibers get SOOO many extra points. Yeah they're paying money, but that's a little overkill for a forum IMO I mean each week they get 100 posts worth of points just for being here. That's kinda lame. I could see 50 points or even 100... but 500... seriously!?
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Since subscribers are helping to keep the forum running, they should be rewarded as such.
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I'll move this to the FAQ forum.

It's not an overkill, it's our way of thanking them for helping to keep the site up and running
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Many of the subscribers also run games and give points and gifts to newer members - so they share the wealth
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Subscribers deserve lots of points! They help keep this website going That is one of the many reasons why we want to become subscribers so we can give more gifts & things of that nature. Overkill? No way! Sites must have incentive to get people to subscribe & that is one of the many great incentives!
Makes the website even more fun then it already is!!
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