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Proposal to make declawing illegal!

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Hooray! Someone has finally taken steps to make outlawing the declawing procedure illegal in this country! And how ironic that it would be West Hollywood...despite all the stereotypes of the shallow inconsiderate people wrapped up in their material possessions! I hope the rest of the nation follows suit quickly!

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This just crossed my desk:

At the City of Los Angeles Animal Commission meeting this morning Bill Dyer
of In Defense of Animals suggested that the City ban cat declawing. He said
it was not just for the benefit of cats but because the author of the West
Hollywood, CA, declaw ban proposal "says it is the first step toward
implementing the "guardian" concept".

A veterinarian from West Hollywood also appeared with Dyer in support this
ban. Commission Chair, Paul Jolly (PetCo Foundation head), and Kathy Riordan
(LA former Mayor's daughter) both favor the declaw ban (and the "guardian"

WE NEED LETTERS to Los Angeles. Our strategy will be similar to West
Hollywood - we oppose declawing of cats, but we do not support a legislative
ban. The "guardian" concept, and laws,such as any ban on veterinary
procedures that are legally allowed in the state, are the first step toward
removing animal owners' property rights.

Veterinary practice is governed by California state law and cannot be
regulated by local jurisdictions. We support the right of pet owners to make
decisions with their own veterinarian regarding declaw or other surgeries,
depending on individual situations. Veterinary medicine is complex and
evolving. When declaw surgery is performed with proper techniques and pain
medication there may be circumstances where this could allow a cat to stay in
a home.

At the same time, as this list well knows, fanciers need to strive to educate
the public and veterinarians to reduce routine declawing and to encourage
alternatives to declawing. Refer to the CFA web site for CFA's Statement on
Declawing of Cats.


***Legal opinions are being prepared for the Los Angeles City Attorney.

***Watch for further alerts and information on the Commission meeting agendas.

***Fax objections to the declaw ban suggestion (there is no ordinance yet).
Let the Mayor and City Attorney know immediately that this is a highly
controversial issue connected to the "guardian" campaign to remove pet owners

***Other contact information, points, updates and alerts will follow.

Joan Miller
CFA Legislative Coordinator
Write to:

Mayor, City of Los Angeles
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone (213) 978-0600
Fax (213) 978-0656

City Attorney
City of Los Angeles
1800 City Hall East
200 North Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone (213) 485-5408
Fax (213) 847-3014

Send a separate copy to:
Mr. Terree Bowers
Chief Deputy City Attorney
Fax (213) 847-3014
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