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I have updates!!

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I emailed the new families of some of my former foster kittens, and got back a few updates. Just thought I'd share with everyone, I know some of you will remember these kittens from when they were still with me.


Formerly Justine, now called Ginny

Formerly Izzy, now called Mocha

Formerly Domino, now called Phailing

I also had an update on Jack, his mom will be sending me pictures this week. All of the kittens are doing well, and they are very happy in their new homes. I sent more emails and I am waiting for updates on Eloise and Mr. Sprinkles.
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Thats so wonderful that the kittens are all doing well!!!

Thanks for the update! Always love to hear about happy cats in happy homes
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Those cats are adorable! I especially have a soft spot for skittles
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They certainly look happy and healthy!! It's great that you are getting updates!!
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Wonderful! It's so heartwarming to see your rescues living the good life with their loving families!! That put a great big smile on my face!
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They all look so wonderful! Isn't it great that you can follow their life? You must be so happy that you found them great furr-ever homes!
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aw, don't they all look so happy and loved : I love Skittles' little shirt!!
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Awwww they do look happy in their new homes as well
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Aw! The picture with Ginny in the blanket is adorable!
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justine/ginny makes me melt!!!
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You did a good job with them. Congratulations.
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