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She almost fell off the bed!

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Butzie sleeps with me and she was sleeping between me and the edge of the bed. Woke up and she wanted to be loved. She rolled over for me to pet her in a different place and she almost rolled off the bed! She grabbed on with her front paws and managed to save face but she moved to the other side of me in the middle of the bed.
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My Cleo was in a deep sleep and perched right on the front of the couch cushion, she went to sigh in her sleep and it must of pushed her to one side somehow, but she ended up rolling off the edge of the couch, looked around, then went back to sleep in the position that she fell.
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I've woken up to Angel pawing at my face and stretching for some loving. Then in the middle of the stretch, her bottom half slides off the bed followed by her bewildered face! She has a spot right next to Meowmy with her own little blanket. It's not like we're squished or anything, we got a king size bed!
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Woodward isn't the brightest kitten in the world, and he's great at falling off of the bed... almost on a daily basis. We have caught him many times before he's hit the floor!
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Ha ha, and then they get all indignant.
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It's so funny when they do that! Kitters is silly like that a lot!
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Skye does it when she is playing. One night she managed to catch herself by hanging on for dear life by her teeth. Or she likes to sleep on a car seat my bf has in the living room but usually there's stuff all over it so she sleeps on a corner of it. One night she streched and almost fell but saved herself then she was doing the whole head tilt thing going back to sleep when her head went all the way back so did she with a huge thud onto the floor. Didn't even phase her.
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