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Jealous of another's kitty!

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My housemates cat is a 9 month old american shorthair calico. She is pretty skittish, and really doesn't like to be picked up by anyone but me. She has taken a liking to me, it seems, everyone in the house agrees. I didn't move in until she was about 4 or 5 months old.

In any case, she HATES her owner's boyfriend, who HATES her. she used to try to hang out in thier room i guess, and he'd always get mad, shoo her out, throw her out, probably hit her, so one time she raked his arm real good when he wasn't looking! haha. Now she never pays any attention to her owner, and sleeps in my bed upstairs. I play with her every day, give her treats, i even have been filling her food and water bowls because her owner doesn't do it much. She used to sit up on my chest in bed while i was reading, lately she'll just plop down on her "spot" and go to sleep. she'll purr and nuzzle me or my girlfriend in the morning, but not as much lately.

So just the other day, the owner was telling us how the cat climbed up on her boyfriend (the one the cat HATES) lap and fell asleep watching TV! And now, I'm really jealous!!! It's not my cat, I refrain from using real names and such, but she'll never sit in my lap, except late at night when i go to the bathroom, she'll come bounding out from wherever she is, and purr, nuzzle, climb up on me if i kneel, and be a very snuggly cat! she'll never come and sit in my lap though. she'll use it as a springboard to get onto the computer desk to attack my mouse. Why did she sit in HIS lap?

Going on, I have basically really become attached to "kitten" I'll call her. We play every day, i'll peek around a corner and she'll sneak up. she used to attack me, now she'll only do it if I play the peeking game. I wish she'd hunt me or chase me or something. she's getting fat, so I try to exercise her. I'll chase her around, she'll be fine with it, play-attack my fingers, but just recently, the past month, we'll be playing fine, and all of a sudden, she'll bolt away, instead of the little skittish thing. I went to "hunt" her, and she started hissing at me! Growling too. I was pretty shocked, i tried to reach out a finger to let her know it's okay, but she hissed more, then bolted off and hid somewhere else.

I left her alone for a while, went upstairs to find her on her "spot" on my bed, and she just layed there while i petted her and she seemed fine. later that night she did the same thing, bolting out from her "hunt the mice" hiding places downstiars when i went to the bathroom to nuzzle and purr and get pet.

what is her deal? I'm not sure I should even care, she's not my cat, and i'm mvoing out in less then 5 months. she'll get ignored by her owner, probably have to live with the hated boyfriend (that for some reason she sat on his lap!!!) the most owner does is say hi when she comes in or sees kitten. the last time i saw her pet or touch kitten was when some new friends came over and she picked her up to show them. that was weeks ago.

It's gotten to the point where I get really jealous if she even goes into her owners room (that's where her litter box is) and if she runs downstairs when her owner is making noise! This isn't it too. I'll get very upset if she runs away from me or gets skittish and hides and hisses. I don't get it. Last time, i got so upset that I kept chasing her, out of frustration. I know if i ever caught her I wouldn't hurt the cutie, but running around like a lunatic seemed to get my frustrations out. I just kept finding her and flushing her out, she'd keep hissing, and I'd get more and more angry or hurt or whatever. AHHHHH!

She's not even my cat, why should i care? and why does she hiss and growl at me one minute, then a little later be fine?

any help is greatly appreciated.

One last question, we live in a mild climate (Virginia) , and I know cats like warm places to sleep cuase they lose body heat. i live in the upstairs bedroom, it's very hot up there. does she sleep up there just becuase it's warm, or because she likes me best?

-Jealous of someone else's kitty
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I don't think there is anything wrong with caring about the welfare of a kitten. Do you think you could adopt the kitten when you move out since the roommate doesn't really seem to care about her?
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I can't really give you full factual information for everything that you are asking, because I just don't know that much about animal behavoir yet, and I don't want to lead you astray.

But it does sound like this cat needs a more stable home. Does her owner WANT this cat anymore? I'm not sure where you live but there are MANY rescue groups in Northern Virginia who are VERY good. An animal doesn't have to belong to you, for you to care about it, there's nothing wrong with you, it's a good thing!
I myself and several other's here foster other animals that we don't own, because they deserve kindness and a chance at a great life.

Have you considered speaking to the owner about her giving YOU the cat? If you want her, just bring it up lightly, almost as a joke, if she indeed doesn't want to keep this cat she would probably take you up on the opportunity.

Living in this shakey household can result in her behavoir. I'm sure at times she is just as confused as you are on the way people treat her and where it's ok for her to be.

If in fact the owner's b/f has HURT this animal, I personally feel you should really try to convince the girl to either ditch the abusive b/f or rehome her cat.

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