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Please Help - kitten is sick...

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My girlfriend always had cats so we got a pair of kittens to foster and fell in love with them, and kept them (above)...

They were 2 months old when we got them (with mom)
at about age of 5 months - before their first heat - we got them all spayed (and a bit later mom got adopted)

A month later we were asked by our friend in NYC Animal Care (same place we got ours) and Control to foster two other kittens (two months old) for some time...

we'll our kitten (Mickey - the one on the right) has changed after the spaying:
* she would play less and less (first month)
* and then move and eat less and less (second month)
* and now all she does is sit on our bed / half awake - she's only 7 months old (she has got to be skinny and doesn't look happy...) she is obviously in some disress...

Now she started peeing outside of the litter box (near the litter) - and recently on the cover of the bed :'(

What could it be?

What is the condition she is suffering from?

How can we help her?

Thank you all...

PS I have a friend vet and I'm writing to her as well, but taking her to a vet would just cause stress... it's not like she is suffering from some accute condition...
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Urinary Tract Infection(UTI). It's painful to pee. Common in cats, actually, can be caused by stress(like her spay). Take her to the vet ASAP & get her urine tested.
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how cute! but you should take it to the vet right now
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Aww, look at the smug little grin plastered on her face.
My parent's had a kitty who got UTI after spaying, they took her to the vet and they had to give her a special type of formula to mix into milk. it took about a week for it to clear up but after it was gone, she back to her curtain climbing self.
Keep us posted on how she goes!
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going to take her to the vet - will keep you posted
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Inappropriate peeing usually means UTI in both males and females. In the future, if you notice it, get the cat to the vet ASAP. Especially with males - if they get blocked and cannot pee, they will die in a short time. So its not a thing to "wait and see"!
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beautiful babies...

please keep us posted
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If a UTI is ruled out, there could be something going on internally. I know you don't want to cause her stress by taking her to the vet, but I would suggest either doing that anyway or seeing if you can find a vet that does home visits. The symptoms you are describing are very non-specific and can occur with all kinds of other problems. An exam and possibly bloodwork and a urinalysis may be needed to determine the cause in her case. The not eating enough is very serious by itself and would warrant urgent attention.
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