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But I don't need 7 cats...

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Here is my situation. At some point foolish me put food outside to feed a cat or kitten. Scary thing is I don't remember why lol, I must have seen a stray kitten or something. It also attracted three TNR'd cats. Well eventually other cats started making their way down. I am now feeding 7 or so, 4 of which are 12 week old kittens who were feral but have adopted me. They run from my roommates, but I can easily pet them and handle them. I have already gotten one fixed who is recovering in my utility room. I have an appointment Friday for the next one to get fixed so I need to decide by then since I only have the one crate. I don't know what to do now.

I really don't need 7 indoor cats. I don't know if I can re-release them though. I mean I can but I would prefer not to since I made them friendly to me. At the same time I don't know anyone I could adopt them out to. Any advice or suggestions.
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Is there any rescue in the area you could work with to find them homes?
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First, let me thank you for helping these cats and kittens. What a great thing you are doing!
I looked on the Petfinder website and they list 18 shelters in the Tampa area. This is the link:
I hope this helps you!
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Thank you fellow cat hoarder! Just kidding! I know how you feel though. Although I only have 3 cats right now. Thank you so much for helping these kitties and I hope you can find homes for them one way or another. Petfinder is a great website.
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Heh... I saw your title and chuckled, because that's what I thought when I ended up with my seventh cat... you're just going for them all at once. Here's my introduction and how I got all seven (and for a brief period, eight):


I do understand, though, if you don't want to take on so many cats... it's a lot of responsibility and expense, and I probably wouldn't have done it myself had not the last few been very special cases (especially Apple, the seventh).

If it were me, I would not re-release a feral that I had spent time and effort to tame, but instead would try to find help re-homing them. Craigslist.org usually has a pretty supportive pet forum for most major cities, you may want to post about your plight there and see if others would be willing to help out. You will want to research any potential adopters, though, and probably ask for an adoption fee to discourage those who acquire such pets for nefarious purposes (that I'd prefer not to discuss). Usually a good trade is to get them a vet check-up, spayed or neutered, etc. and charge exactly what that cost for an adoption fee and provide the new owner with those receipts. That way, they know you weren't in it for the cash and you know they weren't looking for a free pet (or something worse).
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Just an update. All 4 are fixed. I released two and have two currently recovering in my utility room. They aren't quite happy about it though lol. They don't hiss but they are definitely ready to run the house which I let them out at night for a while. Lots of growling and hissing from my cats but the kittens don't care. Well one doesn't care the other one likes to chase my cats.

Of course I go out tonight to feed the two released and the other three. I find one the released kittens babying its front right foot. I end up snagging that one and all three are now in my utility room. I seem to be going backwords lol. I figure I will keep an eye on her and keep her inside until Friday when I have to take the other female in for her booster.

I am still completely undecided about what to do in the meantime.
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