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What breed is Lucas?

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I adopted my baby boy Lucas from the local shelter about 3 weeks ago. He's 6 or 7 months. I'm taking a guess, but I think he's a Turkish Angora. He fits the personality of a TA, but I'm wanna know what you guys think.

Yeah, he loves posing for the camera
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He is no doubt a very hansome Domestic LONGhaired kitty. It is highly unlikely for a purebred cat, other then a Siamese or Persian to be at a shelter. It iss possible, just very very unlikely with all the stray cats roaming around in the world.
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Um, except that that he's longhaired
He's a very lovely Domestic longhair , black and white bicolor, affectionately referred to as a tuxedo cat.
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He looks like he could have some Turkish Angora in him. But it's really hard to tell. And it really doesn't matter. He's beautiful and he's yours!
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Very pretty black/white bicolor. But personality doesn't make a breed. I don't really see TA in him. You'd have to go more by coat texture. Is the coat really silky feeling and doesn't mat too much?

IMO he's a DLH and a handsome one too
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I don't think he looks Turkish Angora at all. Turkish Angoras are not common at all. Their ears are high on their heads and the are much slimmer looking. But he is beautiful!
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Thanks everyone :]
Yes, his fur is very soft and silky, and it hasn't ever matted.
And he's like a dog, which i heard TA's were like, that's why I thought maybe he had some in him.
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Sometimes, you get really lucky and find a non-pedigreed cat with all those traits that breeders work so hard to have in their own kitties. Personality is essential, but be thankful for that silky coat, it makes grooming a breeze.
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haha! oops I meant to type LONG hair of course!! I just went back and edited it, duh me!
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He doesn't look like turkish angora, but he is very cute. My cat also likes to pose on his back.
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