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Just saying howdy! I am new to the site today. I have 2 cats, Sophie is a 5 1/2 yr old calico with IBD and is on daily medication. Jazzy is not quite 6 months old now and is half siamese, half 'barn cat got lucky'. Jazzy is very active, playful and loveable. A real lap cat too when she wants to be. Sophie never plays much, just kind of sits around. They get along better than when we first brought Jazzy home, she wasn't even 6wks old then. Jazzy has caused quite a bit of stress for Sophie on occasion, but she has learned to tolerate her sometimes. Other times, she will hiss or slap at Jazzy to get her to leave her alone, but never with her claws out. I've not seen reason yet to have either one of them declawed. Jazzy will be a great mouser if the need arises. I've seen Sophie mouse, she watches them walk by and sighs. I love them both dearly. I'm hoping to gain information about cat's health and habits by sharing with other cat lovers.
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Welcome to the site! Sophie and Jazzy sounds like wonderful members of your family.

If you want to learn about cats, you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves in being an education website and forum, as well as a very friendly place to get to know other cat lovers.

Feel free to jump in anywhere, ask any questions you may already have in mind, or just join in the conversations in the Cat Lounge (where we hang out, get to know each other and just unwind).
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Welcome Big! Hope to see more of you in the Lounge
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Welcome!!! Post some pictures and/or join us in the lounge. Good place to meet the rest of the members!

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Hello and welcome!

I must warn you...this site is VERY addictive. Theres no way out!

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Welcome! Can't wait to see some pictures!
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Hi and welcome.
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Please don;t take this wrong,but Please don;t declaw, Please take time to read the theard in the behavior form on declawing. Welcome aboard.
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There is a wealth of information and help here! It's very addicting!
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