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Hairball & Sensitive Tummy?

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My baby is getting her beautiful winter coat in, but it has also meant an increase in the hairball incidents. She is lovingly groomed daily with a brush & furminator I have searched the site and tried everything from the canned pumpkin (for her tummy), hairball wet food, treats, laxatone and purchased an elevated feeder.

She seems to be in this vicious cycle of having a hairball, and then throwing up for 3-4 days straight. After switching her to hairball food she did well for awhile but then seemed constipated. Back to her regular diet of hairball dry and Fancy Feast. She will be fine again for a week or ten days and it starts again (Since the end of last month - I haven't let it go on too long).

I have called the vet but since they didn't seem to think it was urgent because she is energetic and eating and eliminating normally, I haven't made the appointment and want to make sure I have enough $$ for everthing. I guess I should insist on tests this time - the last time (last year this time) he only gave her Rx wet food.

Anyone have a cat that goes thru a vomiting spell after a hairball? Anything I should be looking for? And if anyone did see the vet for this type of thing, what kind of tests do they run and is it very expensive?
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What dry is she eating???

FF is okay for wet but definately not a good food

I would take her in for an exam just to be safe
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you should take her to the doctors, do a full exam
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Her dry is 1/2 Nutro Max Cat Hairball and 1/2 Nutro Indoor Cat.

I know that Fancy Feast isn't that good, but she rejected Wellness, Merrick (after liking at first and then leaving me to donate most of the CASE of it bought to save money ). The Science Diet Hairball formula wet seemed to be ok, but then she started having some trouble with constipation.

She will be going to the vet, probably Friday if I can get some time off from work.

She is happy, active, playful, and it doesn't seem to affect her at all. I just want to make sure she is OK.
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