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Gina's Crystals Better

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I think I am making headway with Princess Gina's crystal problem. We have made HUGE changes here and I don't see any crusty crystals (gross, I know) down there today. I threw out the old food (yes, threw it in the trash) and got everyone on Nutro Max. I also experimented with wet food, and got her eating more of that. I found cranberry supplements at Petsmart, paste and tabs, although I have to soak the chewable tabs in water they are so big and hard, and she loves them both. I put out 2 more water bowls in different places. And lastly I have been feeding more meat, I cooked a chicken and cooked the giblets for the cats, Gina seemed to enjoy chewing on something I don't even know what organ it was! Little Kitto is lucky he came along now that I am getting into more holistic pet care.
Here are Gina and Kitto sharing a window (grudgingly)

And Kitto making friends with our only other male, Charlie

I feel a lot better about their diet. Gina's coat looks glossier and less dry, too. She was a sickly little thing when she was a kitten, and is too young for all these crystal problems! Also, I have one cat who is very prone to hairballs and another who is sensitive to all food, and they are both doing amazingly bettter, they hardly ever vomit any more. I think they will all benefit from the new food I thought maybe you all would like to hear what is working, in case you have the same problems.
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That is great news that you are getting the problem under control.
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