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The Introductions

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We have introduced Blaze to Kiara (dog) with no problems at all. I thought it would take a while, but he didn't hiss or growl at all, just acted like he'd been around her many times before. I just have to slow Kiara down once in a while when she gets too excited.
He and Enya have met under a door. They pawed at each other under the door and talked to each other some, but after we opened the door a couple of inches so they could see each other Blaze let out a loud hiss and growled and Enya just looked at him a while and then hissed back after he did it a couple more times. So for now, we'll just leave the door shut between them. I thought Enya would hiss at him, but didn't think he would at all since he has lived around a lot of cats. Maybe he just decided he likes being an only cat getting all the attention.
Blaze has enjoyed exploring the house and especially likes running up and down the stairs, just like Enya likes to do. He's not a agile as Enya, but he has a good time. He's a sweet and ornery boy. I think my daughter got her lap cat she wanted.
He has lost several teeth since he has been here. We never saw Enya's teeth whenever she lost them. Knowing her, she probably ate them. Blaze doesn't seem to chew things up or eat them like Enya does, I'm glad to say.
Enjoy your animals!
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I'm going to move this to Behavior where our experts can help you a bit.
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Hissing and posturing is a normal reaction for two cats who have really yet to meet. You can do things like swap out their bedding, rub a towel all over Enya, take the towel, put it on the floor of Blaze's room and put Blaze's food bowl on top of that, feed Blaze on that towel and do the same thing for Enya with a cloth of Blaze's scent.

You can take a long piece of string, tie a toy to each end, lay the string under the door that separates the two cats (there will be a toy on each side) and let them play and interact that way.

Those are just some of the things you can do to help them become comfortable with each other. Really doesn't sound like anything other than normal behavior though. You want to watch for puffy tails, flattened ears, narrowed eyes, those are the first signs of battle.

Good luck and welcome to the boards!
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The cat intros are going very well. They had already been around each others scents for a week or 2, so one day I just brougt Blaze out and sat down with him and they watched each other, then I'd switch who I was holding and it turned out that whichever one I was holding would hiss and growl. I guess they felt pretty safe in my arms. Then I leashed one while the other was free and they checked each other out. Then today, the 3rd day, I leashed one and they interacted more and at one point the leashed one was wandering around with the leash dragging and the other one chasing the leash and pretty soon they were chasing each other and playing some, but still establishing authority. So since they weren't acting like they were going to fight any more, I took off the leash and they had a few chase sessions, along with a few hisses and growls. So I think a few more days with them together with supervision will be all it takes, going by how they acted around each other today. It was fun to watch them. Kiara (our dog) wanted to be in on the chase in the worst way too, but I restrained her so they could have time together.
They sure give each other some hard whaps, though. We'll see how it goes!
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The introductions are over! Enya and Blaze have been together for 2 days now, except for night time. Enya is enjoying having something to wrestle with that is her own size. They seem like a good match. I thought Blaze would be more submissive, but he's not. They are about the same size right now, but I think Blaze will be bigger when they're both fully grown, since he has bigger feet and thicker claws than Enya at this point.
They were good entertainment over the weekend, chasing each other, wrestling, etc. Our dog couldn't resist getting in on it part of the time, but I had to stop her most of the time becuase she got a little too excited with 2 cats to play with. I think we could bring a bunch of cats in and she'd be happier with each addition, but we won't do that! 3 animals are enough for us. My dh wan't raised with animals, so he is doing well to agree to 3.
One evening,before Enya had fully accepted Blaze, Enya was sitting on the back of the couch and all of a sudden Blaze popped up on the couch seat and jumped up and grabbed Enya around the middle and pulled her down and Enya's eyes got so big and she wasn't quite sure what to do. It was so funny!
Any idea how long I shoud wait to keep them together in the same room at night? Right now they don't have free run of the house unless someone is around to watch them, since Enya has a bad habbit of sampling inedibles, so each one is in a different bathroom. Enya tears apart her toys and Blaze doesn't, so he has a couple of stuffed animals that he likes, but I don't know if I can keep Enya from tearing them apart.
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