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Sleeping Fluffy Kittens

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Look at these darlings snoozing on my friend's lap...



And a bonus picture of Ditto, who is not fluffy but is still cute.
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OMG, too precious!!!
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Omigosh I can almost hear the kitten purrs and feel the warm softness. Oh, and btw, who you callin' "not fluffy"??? Fluffier than YOU...!
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oh my they are so cute. I would love to snuggle them
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I want them!
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Oh good grief would you look at those cherubs!! I love it when their little feet curl in
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Awww, they're adorable!!
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My goodness, can I have them? What a bunch of fluffy babies!
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*Cuteness Overload* Wow they look so peaceful snoozing the day away!
Thanks for sharing all their photos, can't wait to see more of their precious faces!!!
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Where is the Major Cuteness Warning!

Those little curled feet just get to me too.'

Even your siggy with Ditto needs a cuteness warning.

You take excellent photos.
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OMG! You forgot the totally***Cuteness WARNING****
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They are so adorable. I love fluffy kittens
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