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Adopted Kitty - Limp back leg/ Muscle Atrophy

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Hi All -
I adopted a Kitten from the animal control pet fair in Chicago yesterday. He looked a little thin and it looked like his heart was beating pretty fast while when i first saw him, but I thought that he might be over stimulated and nervous from all that was going on around him..

but when i got him home, i noticed he was walking with a limp. Hew was favoring his back right leg and there was some muscle atrophy over his left hind leg.

I took him back to the pet fair and asked that the vets give him a xray. They said that depending on the results of the xray, he may not be eligiable for adoption. I called on him today but they had not yet xrayed his leg.

Has anyone had a kitty with a similar issue? I think he may have a previous fracture that never healed correctly. Can this be healed or is this something that make him "unadoptable"?

I chose him because he hugged me when i picked him up. He's great kitty. He needs some love. But i'm afraid that his injury may be too severe and they put him down.
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No, I have not had this experience, fortunately, but having issues like this should NOT make him "unadoptable" to someone who will love him and properly care for him (and you sound like you may be that person) -- special needs cats are adopted into loving homes all the time, and frequently do very, very well in these homes! I pray he is all right and that you will be able to get him back with you soon. Please be persistent and insist on disclosure of whatever information there is on him -- that way, you are letting it be known that you truly care about him, and that you will not give up on him! Please keep us posted, okay?
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We had a big orange tabby who had injured his leg at some point and it never healed properly. I don't think it was ever broken, but something must have happened since when he would sit, his one back leg would slowly slide out from under him a bit. It never caused him problems and he was still able to run, jump and climb (as much as a fat cat could--he was a very heavy boy for several of his years).
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the vet called me back and said that the xray showed some larger problems. The kitten had a collapsed lung. The vet said that his breathing was very labored while he was under sedation for the xray. So I can't adopt him.

I'm, at least, glad that I did adopt him and noticed that he had a limp. Otherwise, theres no telling how long we would have sat at the shelter without anyone knowing that he was sick.
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